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Noise Management Program

Noise Management Program

Program Manager Contact Information:
Noise Managment Program Manager  |  252-466-3631

Noise Management Program
Program Overview        

The intent of the Noise Management Program is to reduce environmental noise at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point and its outlying fields. The program is tasked with development and proper implementation of strategies to reduce environmental noise during the development stages of new projects and technologies in accordance with applicable Federal and state requirements and Department of Defense (DoD) directives. The program provides Air Station personnel with planning and response guidelines regarding the management of noise encountered during but not limited to operation, maintenance, inspection, repair, construction, renovation, and demolition activities at the installation. The Noise Management Program is implemented in close association with other departments tasked with planning and developing new facilities and projects aboard Air Station property. These departments include but are not limited to, the Facilities Development Department (FDD), the Public Affairs Office (PAO), the Joint Safety Office (JSO), supply organizations, and the Community Plans and Liaison office (CP&L).

Environmental Requirements        

Marine Corps policy requires that all Marine Corps installations and activities comply with all applicable environmental requirements, which may include Federal, state, local, DoD, Department of the Navy (DON), Marine Corps, and MCAS Cherry Point rules, regulations, and requirements. Legal and other environmental requirements related to the Noise Management Program are maintained on the EM Portal.

Programs, Plans, Resources and Responsibilities        

A complete description of the responsibilities of the Noise Management Program is available on the EM Portal. Major components of the Noise Management Program include:

  • Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) program management

  • Environmental noise control

AICUZ Program Management

The DoD recognized the need to establish a comprehensive program to meet the planning needs of military airfields or military flight operations because of the encroachment from adjacent property land uses. The DoD policy is to work toward a compatible land use program by providing noise and safety data for land use planning and control processes conducted by the local community. Specific procedures and guidelines for developing, updating, and implementing AICUZ studies aboard Naval and Marine Corps air installations are detailed in Naval instruction.

At MCAS Cherry Point, FDD is responsible for the AICUZ program, as identified in Air Station Order. FDD provides guidance on AICUZ-related matters in the acquisition of real property and operations for MCAS Cherry Point and its outlying fields and retains copies of AICUZ studies.

Limit Environmental Noise

In addition to procedures to plan for and limit noise disturbances from aircraft operations as part of the AICUZ program, the Noise Management Program seeks to minimize environmental noise from other sources at MCAS Cherry Point and outlying fields. Although military aircraft, combat equipment, and weapon systems are exempt from the Noise Control Act, Marine Corps policy, as set forth by Marine Corps Order, is to be aware of adverse noise impacts in the surrounding community and to minimize adverse public response to its programs by initiating a coordinated and cooperative approach with the community.

Training and Communication        

There are no additional training requirements associated with this program.

Practice-Aspect-Impact Risk        

The risk of negative environmental impacts from MCAS Cherry Point operations may be assessed by analyzing the practices that occur at the facility. Aspects are the characteristics of these practices that can cause an impact to the environment or other resource. It is Marine Corps policy that all Marine Corps installations identify and assess the environmental risks of the practices and aspects associated with each environmental program. Significant practices and/or aspects associated with this program include:

  • There are no significant practices and/or aspects associated with this program.

Objectives, Targets and Actions to Improve Performance        

When necessary, objectives and targets (O&T) are developed in order to minimize the environmental risks posed by the facility’s practices and to track progress towards achieving environmental goals. Any O&Ts related to the Noise Management Program and their associated actions to improve performance are maintained on the EM Portal. Currently, there are no O&Ts associated with this program.

Audit and Evaluation of Compliance        

The Noise Management Program is evaluated under each triennial Benchmark Environmental Compliance Evaluation (ECE). Findings and corrective actions from these audits are maintained on the EM Portal.


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