Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System / Real-Time Automated Personnel Identification System

DEERS / RAPIDS Office relocation

  • The DEERS/RAPIDS Office is in the process of relocating to a new office location due to the renovation of Building 298.  On 6 October 2021 the office located in Building 298 will be officially closed and the new location will be officially open.  Sorry for any inconvenience this move may cause.

    The new location is 177 Lenoir Road.  If any assistance is required, please call the office at 466-3330.



Contact Us / Office Hours

Located at 177 Lenoir Road, MCAS Cherry Point, NC 28533

Phone: (252) 466-3330

Hours of operation:

Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Frequently Requested Information


List of acceptable forms of ID

IMPORTANT NOTE:  All documents presented to the DEERS office must be the original or certified copies issued from the appropriate agency. We must be able to see and feel a raised seal on the documents including birth and marriage certificates. WE CANNOT ACCEPT PHOTO COPIES OR NOTARIZED COPIES.

Our requirements for identity documentation comes directly from the Department of Defense List of Acceptable Identity Documents.  No substitutions are authorized.

You can view the full list  here.


Obtaining a new ID card

Customers must present TWO (2) valid forms of ID, one of which must be a photo ID.

Anyone in need of obtaining a new ID card must have his or her current ID card (or a lost / stolen ID statement from his or her supervisor or S-1) and a second form of ID.  FRC employees must notify the security operations division for their lost ID card statement.

Marines who have recently been promoted must wait until MCTFS has posted the promotion before a new CAC can be issued.  This is usually by the 10th day of that month. 

Marines who have recently reenlisted must have his or her ORIGINAL contract. 

Dependent ID cards WILL NOT be issued unless the Military Member is present, a valid Power of Attorney is presented or the sponsor has already signed a DD Form 1172 (which must be signed for each new dependent ID card). Dependents 18 and over are required to present 2 valid (unexpired) forms of ID. 

***The minimum age for initial USID card issuance is increased from 10 to 14 years.***

To prevent conflicts with benefits, the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) and Transition Assistance for Military Personnel (TAMP) ID cards will not be issued until it reflects in DEERS, typically 7 business days after discharge.


Disabled American Veteran (DAV)

The Military member must be rated at 100% disable or 100% unemployable. The documents that are required are the VA eligibility letter that states the veteran is 100% disabled, is entitled to commissary and exchange privleges, and whether or not the veteran is scheduled for a future examination, along with the date of examination, the DD 214 and two valid (unexpired) forms of identification.

Contact the DEERS Office for a list of required documents and with any questions. Calling the DEERS Office before coming in may save time and prevent confusion. Also, like any other service provided, all documents MUST BE THE ORIGINAL OR CERTIFIED COPIES ISSUED FROM THE APPROPRIATE AGENCY.


Adding a new dependent to a record

Anyone other than the sponsor wishing to add a dependent to a record must have a valid Power of Attorney. Please follow the link below for more information on adding a new dependent. Calling the DEERS Office may save time and prevent confusion. Also, like any other service provided, all documents MUST BE THE ORIGINAL OR CERTIFIED COPIES ISSUED FROM THE APPROPRIATE AGENCY.

 Adding a new dependent to a record info sheet


Lost or stolen ID cards

Per Air Station Order 5512.9D, Marines and civilian employees must obtain a lost/stolen ID statement from his or her supervisor or S-1. Dependents will complete a local lost ID statement in the DEERS Office AND a DD Form 1172 must be signed.

TWO (2) VAILD FORMS OF ID, ONE OF WHICH MUST BE AN UNEXPIRED PHOTO ID, are required to obtain the new ID along with the lost ID statement


Computer Access Information / GAL Updates

The DEERS Office is responsible for loading certificates onto the CAC and unlocking CACs only.  If the card holder has not completed a SAAR form (available at the station G-6 or squadron S-6), or does not have a government email account, please complete that process before coming the DEERS Office.  Error messages which require a user "contact system administrator" must call their S6/G6/or IT Office.

GAL Updates can only performed on the  RAPIDS website 


Deployment Information

The ID card must expire during the deployment, and the deployment must be in an area that does not have a servicing DEERS/RAPIDS station present.

Marines who are deploying with ID cards about to expire must meet the following criteria in order to obtain a new ID: A letter from the command in lieu of orders stating the Marine is deploying and the period of the deployment, the Marines current ID card or lost ID statement, and a second form of ID.

Dependent ID cards that will expire while the sponsor is on deployment must have a valid power of attorney or a copy of the deployment letter from the sponsors command, the current ID card or lost ID statement, and a second form of ID.

Civilian employees and contractors who are deploying and wish to obtain a Geneva Conventions Card MUST OBTAIN THE PROPER DOCUMENTATION IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE NEW CARD


Power of Attorney Guidelines

A valid (unexpired) power of attorney (POA) is required to complete any action in the DEERS record on behalf of the sponsor. The POA must be strictly General with no specificity, or a Special POA listing the authority to make changes in the DEERS record.  A power of attorney cannot be utilized to add an illegitimate child to an unmarried sponsor's record.


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