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Cherry Point offers multiple hunting and trapping opportunities to military personnel (active and retired), dependents, civilian employees, and their guests.  Hunting opportunities include deer, turkey, dove, various waterfowl, and a number of small game species.  Each hunter (except for guests and children under 16) must take the Cherry Point Hunter Orientation to hunt on the Air Station or any of the outlying fields.  Refer to the homepage or contact the Conservation Officers Office for the next available orientation date.


Licenses and Permits

Each hunter must possess a Cherry Point Hunting Permit in addition to all applicable state and federal licenses.  The Permit can only be purchased after completing the Cherry Point Hunter Orientation and the license if valid for a one year period.  Successful completion of the Orientation remains valid for three years.  Hunters that intend to hunt with archery equipment must also complete an Archery Qualification Shot Test by shooting a 3D Target at an unknown distance.  Successful completion of this is also valid for three years.

A separate trapping permit is required for any trapping aboard the Air Station.



All persons under 16 years of age desiring to hunt must be accompanied by, and under direct supervision of, a licensed adult 18 years of age or older.

Children ages 12-15 must have a NC State Hunter Education Certificate or a Hunter Education Certification from another state.  All children 15 years of age and younger are eligible to obtain their own state hunting license, tags, and base permit free of charge.  Any child under 12 may accompany a licensed hunter, but may not possess their own weapon.  Anyone 16 and older is considered to be an adult.



Hunting is permitted with shotguns, bow and arrow, muzzleloading rifles, muzzleloading shotguns, and twenty-two (.22) caliber rimfire rifles firing twenty-two (.22) caliber short or long rifle ammunition. Rifles chambered for twenty-two (.22) caliber rimfire magnum ammunition are prohibited.

Loaded weapons may not be carried in or on a vehicle.

See the Hunting Regulations Manual or contact the Conservation Officers Office for details regarding allowable weapons for each type of game.

All weapons being utilized to hunt aboard the Air Station must be registered at The Pass and Identification Office to include bows.


General Safety

Hunters are allowed to check out to an area 1 ½ hours prior to sunrise and must check back in no later than 1 ½ hours after sunset.

All hunters hunt in designated Gun areas during big game firearm seasons must wear 400 square inches of blaze orange at all times.  This consists of a vest or other garment so that the blaze orange is visible from all sides.  A blaze orange cap alone is not sufficient. 

Hunting is strictly prohibited within 200 yards of any developed area (squadrons, clubs, recreational areas, pasture, runway, taxiway, etc.).  The safety limit for archery hunting is 100 yards.

Hunting in any area not specifically authorized by the Air Station Order is prohibited.


Helpful Links

Please refer to one of these links for additional information or contact the Conservation Officer’s Office for help.

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