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Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point


Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

Cherry Point, North Carolina
 Welcome Aboard

Located only 20 miles from some of the Atlantic's most beautiful beaches,
MCAS Cherry Point is about 90 miles west- southwest of Cape Hatteras, at the foot of the great Outer Banks.

Life in the military is challenging in many ways, especially when it comes to adjusting to a new geographical location. Service members and their families come from many places around the country and around the globe.

What does this mean when they move to Cherry Point? It means they must often adjust to a completely new environment; everything from the local climate, to the small-town flavor of the local community, to the local cuisine, and hundreds of other differences from what they may have been used to in other locations. Sometimes it's just the task of making new friends in a strange new world.

Veterans of these relocations will tell you that there are "up" sides to these moves that are often overlooked by younger, new military families. Most of these sides can be summed up in one word - opportunity - because they have learned that every military move is full of new opportunities. We hope this site will help you make the most of your opportunities while you are stationed at MCAS Cherry Point.


 Checking In

During Working Hours: (7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)
At the front gate, station, 2nd MAW, CLC and CNATT permanent personnel will be directed to the Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC), building 298, where they are given an endorsement and their join audit is conducted.

After Working Hours: (4:31 p.m. - 7:29 a.m., weekends, and holidays)
After hours, weekends, and holidays all permanent personnel are to report to the station command duty officer (CDO) located in the Christian F. Schilt building to get an after-hours reporting endorsement.

The next business day they are to report to IPAC for an official reporting endorsement and new join audit.

Personnel will receive an endorsement from the station CDO and be directed to Temporary Lodging, building 3673, if they require lodging.

If a Marine stays at the temporary enlisted quarters (TEQ) and requires transportation to the IPAC in the morning, the next business day they need to be checked out of the TEQ and have their gear ready at 7:15 a.m. to be picked up by the IPAC duty driver in front of the check in window. If you have not been picked up by 7:45 a.m. please contact 466-6756.

Signs are placed in numerous locations across the station to help aid all new join personnel checking in.

CNATT Student personnel will continue to check into Bks #3742 Phone# 466-2722/2672

FRC-East personnel will continue to check–in directly to FRC-East.


 Vehicle Registration

Vehicle must be registered within 30 days of arrival. Required documentation includes: Valid ID Card Proof of Insurance which meets or exceeds the North Carolina Standards (Policy required when out of state) Proof of updated registration If under age of 26, must have attended a defensive driver's course (a one-day safe-driving course) Valid Drivers License

North Carolina LICENSE: New residents have 30 days after establishing residence to obtain a North Carolina license. If listed in the non-resident category (i.e., members of the armed forces) the service member can elect to use the registration of their home of record. If service member's home of record is one state but they are using the tag from another state, the service member must elect to either obtain license tags from their home of record or from North Carolina when their tags expire.

To obtain North Carolina license tags: If making payments on car and no title is available, must take in registration card, all persons listed on registration must be present or possess their power of attorney and show liability insurance North Carolina recognizes, have odometer reading and lien holder's name and address.

The cost of registering a vehicle in NC is a maximum of $212 and a minimum of $102, depending on year and make of vehicle. If the vehicle is registered in the spouse's name only, then they are considered a new resident and must register the vehicle in North Carolina within the 30 days.

To register a vehicle in North Carolina, the cost is 3% of the bill of sale less trade in plus $25 for the license plates plus $35 for the title.

:: Visit NC DMV Online For State Information ::

General Info:
NC Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) (252) 715-7000
NC Highway Patrol, Hwy 70E, Morehead City, NC 28557 (252) 726-5766
NC Highway Patrol, 2106 Neuse Blvd, New Bern, NC 28560 (252) 514-4714
NC 24 Hour Emergency 1-800-441-6127

NC Vehicle License Plate Agencies:
Havelock: 319 West Main St (252) 447-3097
New Bern: 2503 Neuse Blvd (252) 637-4524/3013
Morehead City: Bridges Street (252) 726-7695

NC Drivers License Requirements:
Havelock: 820 Hwy 101 Parks and Recreation Building - (252) 444-6425
New Bern: NC Drivers License Office, 2106 Neuse Blvd. (252) 514-4734
Morehead City: Highway Patrol Station, Hwy 70 - (252) 726-5586


 Contact Us

Commanding Officer
Postal Service Center Box 8003
Marine Corps Air Station
Cherry Point, NC 28533-0003

 Base Information  (252) 466-2811
 Military Personnel
 (252) 466-2811
 Civilian Personnel
 (252) 466-2109
 Facilities Maintenance   (252) 466-4363
 Emergency Line:  (252) 466-4364
 Transient Officer
 Quarters (TOQ)
 (252) 466-5169 / 3359
 Transient Enlisted
 (252) 466-3060
 Noise Complaint Hotline  (252) 466-1092
 Command Duty Officer  (252) 466-5236

The DSN Prefix at MCAS Cherry Point
for "466-XXXX" is '582' 
and for "720-XXXX" the DSN is "590"

Range Notification: (252) 466-0051

Website Updates: (252) 466-6204


 Local Airports

The closest commercial airport to Cherry Point is Coastal Carolina Regional Airport in New Bern (airport code EWN). Approximately 20 miles from the air station, Coastal Carolina Regional Airport is served by Delta ASA Connection and US Airways Express with frequent, well-timed flights to hub airports that connect to even more destinations worldwide. Taxicab service and car rentals are available. Up to date service information can be found on the airport Web site at
Coastal Carolina Regional Airport.

The Albert J. Ellis Airport in Onslow County (near Jacksonville) is approximately 65 miles from Cherry Point. It is served by USAir and Delta Airlines. USAir has multiple flights a day to Charlotte and Philadelphia. Delta operates two flights a day to Atlanta, GA. Limousine and taxi services are available, as well as car rentals. USAir reservations can be made by calling 1-800-428-4322. Delta Airlines reservations can be made by calling 1-800-221-1212. Up to date flight information can be found at
Albert J. Ellis Airport.