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Cherry Point, North Carolina
 Training and Education Information

A. Learning Express to Replace Peterson's DoD MWR Education Resource

ALERT: LearningExpress, will replace the current on-line test preparation tool, Peterson's DoD MWR Education Resource Center.

If you or someone in your family is currently using the Peterson's resource, please ensure that work has been completed before the site is no longer available.

Community Services, Personal and Professional Development Education Program

For more information contact Phone: 252-466-2046 DSN: 582-2046

B.  Financial Resources for Higher Education Webinar

The Personal and Professional Development Program recently developed a new webinar, Financial Resources for Higher Education. Learn about resources and programs that can assist you in funding your education. Topics include: FAFSA, GI Bill, CLEP/DSST Exams, Tuition Assistance, Free Classes, Joint Services Transcript, and Scholarships. This webinar will share some wonderful resources to help you save time and money as you pursue your educational goals.

Click on the link to go to the webinar:

C.  Schools Aboard the Installation (Jerry Marvel Training & Education Building 4335)

(1) Craven Community College, Room 120, 252-466-5020  Offers a wide range of programs, including college transfer courses, two-year degree offerings, partnerships with four-year universities, specialized workforce training options, high school completion and GED programs.

(2) Park University, Room 122, 252-466-2655  Offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Management, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Human Resources, Criminal Justice, Social Psychology, Logistics, Finance and Accounting.

(3) Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Room 114, 252-466-2779  Offers two Bachelor of Science degrees, Aviation Management and Electronics Systems Technologies in an alternating weekend format. Experience training or career electives, related to discipline, is required.

(4) Boston University, Room 114, 252-466-2491  Offers a Master of Science in Leadership and a Graduate Certificate in Project Management.

D.  Visiting Schools

 For information and a schedule of visiting schools please call the POC: Mrs. Dana Bayliss, Education and Career Specialist, 252-466-2046/3500 or by e-mail, dana.h.bayliss@usmc-mccs.org


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