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Environmental Compliance Evaluation Program

Environmental Compliance
Evaluation (ECE) Program

Program Manager Contact Information:
ECE Program Manager  |  252-466-3631

Environmental Compliance Evaluation
Program Overview        

The purpose of the ECE Program is to ensure that Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point maintains compliance with Federal, state, and local environmental statutes. ECEs are systematic, periodic, and objective reviews of facility operations and practices related to meeting environmental requirements, and are conducted by the Air Station every year (self-audit) and by Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC) every three years (benchmark ECE). These evaluations are effective tools for assessing an installation’s compliance level, anticipating future requirements, and programming the necessary resources.

Military, industrial, commercial, and residential activities at MCAS Cherry Point impact all environmental media. Comprehensive and recurring program assessment is required to ensure that routine activities of environmental media program managers not only meet all regulatory requirements, but also continue to reduce the risks of non-compliance and threats to human health and the environment. The ECE Program assesses the installation’s level of compliance, identifies actions necessary to correct compliance deficiencies, provides follow-ups on the implementation of those proposed corrective actions, and facilitates continuous improvement in compliance efforts. The ECE Program operates with a benchmark ECE and plan of action and milestones (POA&M) for corrective actions occurring every three years, and a self-audit and validation of the POA&M performed every year.

Environmental Requirements        

Marine Corps policy requires that all Marine Corps installations and activities comply with all applicable environmental requirements, which may include Federal, state, local, Department of Defense (DoD), Department of the Navy (DON), Marine Corps, and MCAS Cherry Point rules, regulations, and requirements. Legal and other environmental requirements related to the ECE Program are maintained on the EM Portal.

Programs, Plans, Resources and Responsibilities        

A complete description of ECE Program responsibilities is available on the EM Portal. Major components of the ECE Program include:

  • Participation in the benchmark ECE

  • Performance of self-audits

  • Maintenance of the Environmental Management Information System (EMIS)

Benchmark ECE

The benchmark ECE is sponsored by the Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC) Facilities and Services Division (LF) and supported by contract to provide an independent assessment of environmental programs. The benchmark ECEs are generally scheduled for two weeks in length. Over this period, the visiting ECE Team conducts an in-depth evaluation of the various media, including extensive document review, interviews, and site visits. In-briefs, daily updates, and out-briefs are conducted to discuss the goals, progress, general recommendations, and findings from the benchmark ECE. The results of the benchmark ECE, including the POA&M, are documented in the final ECE report and submitted to the CMC (LF). Benchmark ECEs are conducted on a three-year cycle.

Self-Audit Program

The self-audit program is designed to assess compliance with environmental programs by annually visiting every permitted site and source, every process that generates a waste or may be considered a potential source of environmental impact, and every activity potentially subject to an environmental requirement. The self-audit program requires each environmental program manager to develop an inventory of practices that may directly impact environmental resources for each program area. A checklist of regulatory requirements that apply to each practice provides guidance for practice inspections and program assessments. The results of the self-audit program are not provided to CMC (LF) but are used by the environmental program managers to improve program compliance.

Environmental Management Information System

The EMIS is an online web-based tool for tracking Marine Corps compliance efforts. This system contains checklists that are used for auditing units to Federal, state, and local requirements and generating a status report of findings and corrective actions needed to correct the findings.

Training and Communication        

Training for the EMIS program is available through a private contractor. Please contact the EMS Coordinator for more information.

Practice-Aspect-Impact Risk        

The risk of negative environmental impacts from MCAS Cherry Point operations may be assessed by analyzing the practices that occur at the facility. Aspects are the characteristics of these practices that can cause an impact to the environment or other resources. It is Marine Corps policy that all Marine Corps installations identify and assess the environmental risk of the practices and aspects associated with each environmental program. Significant practices and/or aspects associated with this program include:

  • There are no significant practices and/or aspects associated with this program.

Objectives, Targets and Actions to Improve Performance        

When necessary, objectives and targets (O&T) are developed in order to minimize the environmental risks posed by the facility’s practices and to track progress towards achieving environmental goals. Any O&Ts related to the ECE Program and their associated actions to improve performance are maintained on the EM Portal. Currently, there are no O&Ts associated with this program.

Audit and Evaluation of Compliance        

Please refer to the Benchmark ECE and Self-Audit Program sections for information regarding auditing and inspection requirements related to the ECE Program.


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