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Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

Cherry Point, North Carolina

 Distribution Management Office Updates
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Below are some of the updates from MarAdmin 333/20:

Personally Procured Move (PPM) changes

  • As of May 26, 2020, all incentive rates for PPMs are now 100% of what it would cost the government to move with the same weight. 

Empty Weight Ticket Elimination

  • When conducting a PPM using a rental truck, only a full weight ticket is required.
  • When moving multiple loads, a full weight ticket is required for each load.
  • If conducting a PPM with a personally owned vehicle (POV) or personally owned trailer and the vehicle or trailer registration does not reflect the empty or tare weight, an empty weight ticket is required.
  • If the tare weight is reflected on the registration, there is no requirement for an empty weight ticket.

Household Goods Move Scheduling

  • All household goods moves should be scheduled at the earliest opportunity, regardless of departure date. This is in order to appropriately register the demand.

Estimated Departure Date (EDD)

  • As of July 1, 2020, or earlier, if not already completed, Marines or families with contiguous United States (CONUS) to CONUS permanent change of station (PCS) orders must schedule a HHG shipment immediately.
  • As of July 1, 2020, or later, Marines and families are authorized to schedule a HHG shipment, unaccompanied baggage (UB) shipment and non-temporary storage shipment (as applicable) with a pickup date of up to 45 days earlier than EDD for CONUS to CONUS moves or with a pickup date up to 60 days earlier than the EDD for CONUS to outside contiguous United States (OCONUS), OCONUS to OCONUS and OCONUS to CONUS PCS orders.

Transportation Service Providers (TSP) are required to present the completed TSP Certification of Health Protection Protocols (downloaddocument to the customer BEFORE beginning any work (pre-move survey, pick-up, pack, delivery) in a residence.

DOD created a TSP Certification of Health Protection Protocols (download) document for use during all Personal Property (aka Household Goods) shipments where there will be interaction with DOD customers. The purpose of the form is to assure DOD customers that industry personnel working in their homes have been screened for illness in accordance with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and equipped to follow basic health protection protocols.

TSPs are required to use this form beginning 1 MAY 2020, and will do so until notified otherwise.

Please contact DMO via phone at (252) 466-2345 or email at CHPT.DMO.OMB@usmc.mil for questions on Personal Property shipments, Passenger Travel, or Passport applications.



CWT Sato Travel has commenced teleworking and will no longer be able to provide in-person assistance.  For any commercial travel needs, please contact them at (866) 950-1633 or by email at usmc.cpcto@cwtsato.com and cc the DMO OMB at chpt.dmo.omb@usmc.mil on any correspondence.

Additionally, DMO is now equipped with a secondary customer service phone number.  Please contact (252) 658-4265 or (252) 466-2345.



Effective 10 Apr 2020, Passport applications will be focused on applicants with urgent mission critical official travel as determined by DoD Executive Agent Fort Belvoir and SIA.   If the applicant does not have orders, the applicant is a sponsored dependent or the travel is listed as departure after 11 May 2020, this is determined to be Non-Essential until further notice.
"URGENT" travel is that which is supported by First line Flag officer memo, Orders and Itinerary providing required departure within 72 hours and justification of essential movement.



MCAS Cherry Point Photo Studio has curtailed operations to support photo needs while also taking measures to protect force health.  To access the calendar and schedule an appointment, visit  for studio information.  

DoD applicants may not submit photos which depict any form of uniform item. Photos must not contain any form, type or piece of uniform resemblance.  Applicants must have civilian attire and must be of appropriate taste.  Please do not submit applications which have photos with uniform t-shirts of any type. If the applicant has removed the outer uniform item and is now displaying a uniform t-shirt, this is not authorized and is not to be submitted.  Have the applicant return with a new photo in civilian attire.

Due to the current HPCON and to minimize foot traffic, we ask everyone to contact us first, either via phone at (252) 466-2345 or email at CHPT.DMO.OMB@usmc.mil.  You may also contact CWO4 Cruz (IPAC Director) at 466-7255 to setup an appointment once all of your Passport application requirements have been reviewed by a DMO representative.



Q: My PCS is rapidly approaching--how do I know if my planned move is covered by this order?
A: Contact your chain of command immediately!

Q: I’ve confirmed that my PCS is impacted by a stop movement order, but I have already submitted my movement request to the Personal Property Office. What will they do with my shipment?
A: It depends.

  • If your shipment has not yet been awarded to a moving company, it will be put in a hold status pending further guidance (e.g. either the stop movement order is rescinded or you receive approval from your chain of command to continue with your move).
  • If your shipment has been awarded to a moving company, but has not yet been serviced (e.g. packing has not begun), please contact your servicing Shipping Office. They will work with you to change your pickup dates to a future date in coordination with your mover and in line with DOD guidance.

Q: My shipment has already been picked up by the moving company. What will happen to it now?
A: Contact your Shipping Office to determine your shipment’s status. Depending when it was picked up, it may be in storage in the local area, en route to your planned destination, or in storage near your destination.

Q: What about my POV? I have an upcoming appointment to drop my car off at the Vehicle Processing Center (VPC). What should I do?
A: If you are unsure if the stop movement order applies to you, contact your chain of command. If the stop movement order does not apply to your PCS—or your chain of command has approved an exception to the order—proceed to the VPC as planned.

Q: I’ve already dropped my POV off, but my PCS has been delayed. Can I get my car back?
A: If you’re interested in retrieving your vehicle, contact the VPC immediately. VPCs are postured to assist customers with changing appointments, vehicle retrieval, and answering any other POV-related questions you have.

Q: All of my belongings have been packed up, I've already moved out of my residence, and now I'm not traveling to my destination as planned. My family is in limbo--what should I do?
A: Contact your chain of command immediately! Your chain of command can answer questions regarding entitlements (like lodging) that apply to you and your specific situation.

Q: This website is helpful, but I still have questions regarding my Personal Property shipments. Who can assist?
A: Customers can contact DMO via phone at (252) 466-2345 or email at CHPT.DMO.OMB@usmc.mil for advice on their specific shipment.


 MCAS Cherry Point Distribution Management  (DMO)

"Hello and welcome to the Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point Distribution Management Office."

Our goal is to provide fast, friendly, and effective services for shipment, receipt, pickup, delivery, and storage of all personal property for military and civilian members of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, and other DOD agencies moving into, within or out of the geographic area specified as The MCAS Cherry Point Area of Operations (Beaufort, Carteret, Craven, Hyde, and Pamlico counties).

For appointments, problems with a Personal Property (otherwise known as Household Goods) move in progress, or questions please call our Customer Service at 252-466-2345.

If you have a Passenger Travel issue (Permanent Change of Station/Temporary Additional Duty), please call 252-466-7405.

Our hours of operation are open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (except Federal Holidays) (Thursday 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., closed for training).

As the Distribution Management Officer at MCAS Cherry Point, I understand the importance of meeting your Transportation needs. We will make every effort to ensure your requirements are handled professionally with all the courtesy you deserve as our valued customer. If you have any questions that the website does not answer, please feel free to contact our office or email us at CHPT.DMO.OMB@usmc.mil.

Good luck on your new assignment! 
Distribution Management Officer
BLDG. 298 E Street MCAS Cherry Point, NC 28533

 DMO Mission

- Direct and administer passenger transportation and personal property functions.

- Prepare itineraries, initiate reservations, and provide tickets, passports, and visa processing services.

- Determine the customers’ personal property entitlements, and assist customers with arranging pickup, delivery, and storage of shipments.

- Manage the quality surveillance program.

- Execute crisis action and deliberate plans requiring transportation services to support mobilization, deployment, etc., of operating forces.

 Distribution Management Office

Distribution Management Office
Bldg. 298 E Street
PSC Box 8018
Cherry Point, NC 28533-0018

Use only one E-mail: CHPT.DMO.OMB@USMC.MIL

Personal property: (252) 466-2345
Fax: (252) 466-2329

Passenger: (252) 466-7405
Fax: (252) 466-4456

TIPS & Passport: (252) 466-4308

DMO and POV Storage Lot Map


 Passport Information

Passport Information
(Please read before making appointment)

What You Need: (Based on Federal Passport Agent’s Reference Guide)

Proof of citizenship/Application form

  • If you have already have a U.S. Passport, complete the DS-82
  • If you have an ORIGINAL birth certificate, complete the DS-11
    • Visit: https://travel.state.gov for all applications. Use the FORM FILLER option

Proof of identification:

  • Common Access Card (CAC)
  • Dependent ID


  • Taken in last 6 months, in civilian attire
  • 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm)
  • Take off your eyeglasses for your photo
  • Use a plain white or off-white background
  • Head must be between 1 -1 3/8 inches (25 - 35 mm) from the bottom of the chin to the top of the head

Proof of travel

  • PCS orders
  • DD form 1610
  • Approved Directorate of Executive Travel (DET) memorandum
    • Letter in lieu of orders (signed by O-6 or above)

DD form 1056

  • Do not sign any applications before coming to the passport agent
  • Do not hand write documents (excluding the command’s block 16 signature)
  • Member must ensure that the country he/she is traveling to will actually require military members to obtain a no-fee passport
  • Electronic Foreign Clearance Guide

Appointment Availability

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings.
  • Wednesday afternoons.

Expected Return Time

  • 10-15 business days
  • You will receive an e-mail once available

Other References

  • DoD Manual O-1000.21-R.
  • Passport and Passport Agent Services Regulations.