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Conservation Officer's Office


Welcome to Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point Natural Resources Wildlife Information Site
For more information contact the Conservation Law Enforcement Office (Bldg 4223) (252) 466-3242 / 3593


General Information and Introduction

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point encompasses approximately 26,000 of federal land utilized for military training. While the land is not being utilized for training it is opened to Department of Defense personnel and their guests to hunt, fish, trap, and to harvest nonmerchantable firewood.

Cherry Point is surrounded by approximately 18,000 acres of waterways, most of which is salt or brackish water and lies within the Neuse River, Slocum Creek, Hancock Creek, and Bogue Inlet to name a few. There are three freshwater ponds located onboard Cherry Point which are managed by the Environmental Affairs Department and stocked with bass, bluegill, and catfish.  Cherry Point’s Natural Resources Division is also proud to offer an archery site where hunters and hobbyists can practice with both bows and crossbows.

It is the primary responsibility of the Conservation Law Enforcement Office is to provide wildlife enforcement and a safe environment for the enjoyment of the natural resources aboard Cherry Point and its outlying airfields. Officers are responsible for the enforcement of all applicable state and federal laws and regulations pertaining to natural resources aboard the Air Station.

For more information on outdoor recreational activities onboard Cherry Point navigate the Conservation Law Enforcement Office website using the links below.


MCAS Cherry Point Wood Collection

Firewood permits for MCAS Cherry Point are available from the Environmental Affairs Department, Natural Resources Division. Permits are FREE and expire 30 days from the date of receipt.  The firewood permit allows patrons to cut one (1) cord of wood per permit. Patrons may only cut trees that are already downed and dead.  NO LIVE TREES may be cut with this permit.

Personal protective equipment must be used while cutting and collecting firewood.  Hearing protection, eye protection, gloves, and chaps are required while using a chain saw.

Areas being logged are not included in this permit. These areas will be released for collection after all logging contracts have been satisfied.




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