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Weekly Roundup
Current events for MCAS Cherry Point

Announcements and Briefs

   Events and Activities

naval health clinic modified hours

The Naval Health Clinic has been impacted by the recent weather.  Get the latest closure information on their website at 

EAD Carcass Collection Program

The Environmental Affairs Department is a participating drop off location for the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries (NCDMF) Carcass Collection program.  During the flounder recreational season,  the NCDMF is working to collect as much data as possible. Anglers can donate their flounder carcasses at marked freezer locations along the coast. Anglers that donate their legal flounder carcasses and provide a completed carcass collection catch card, including contact information, will receive an angler award. The MCAS Cherry Point freezer is located at Bldg 4223. For more information on the Carcass Collection Program, visit 

Safety & Standardization Message

Motorists risk children's lives when they fail to stop for the school bus as it loads and unloads its passengers. Yet it's estimated that over 10 million drivers illegally pass school buses every year. To keep children safe, start by learning the laws in your state. It's illegal to pass a school bus within the roadway as it drops off or picks up passengers-regardless of the direction of approach. Remember that there is no "safe" way to illegally pass the school bus, so be cautious when sharing the road with it. Finally, let others know that putting kids' lives at risk is not OK. Report aggressive drivers and spread the word by sharing material found at  Take a pledge to brake for the school bus!

  • Ongoing Road Closures:

    • Facilities reminds personnel that 6th Avenue remains closed due to ongoing construction and heavy maintenance.  Due to safety concerns, no attempt should be made to bypass signs or cones to enter 6th Avenue.

  • Additional Scheduled Outages:

    • Power:

      • 8 a.m. – 3:15 p.m., Sept. 30, B4419


Atlantic Hurricane Season

Atlantic Hurricane Season if officially here.  The hurricane season typically lasts from June 1 – November 30.  Keep you and your family safe by staying informed and prepared.

In order to receive critical information in the event of emergencies, it is highly recommended station personnel register and/or update their profile information in the AtHoc alert system.  Please see

Additional options include downloading the AtHoc Mobile App:

  1. Download the AtHoc Notifier for your iPhone or Android device.
  2. Register and verify your personal email.
  3. Enter org code:

NOAA Infographics


More weather information can be found on our Destructive Weather page.

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point