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Cherry Point, North Carolina

Weekly Roundup - Information affecting the Cherry Point and 2nd MAW Community


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- Weekly Sunday Worship Services

SUNDAY WORSHIP Schedule at MCAS Chapel

0900 Catholic Mass (Main Chapel)
0900 Christian (Protestant Liturgical) (Fellowship Chapel)
1100 Christian (Contemporary) (Main Chapel)
Children Services provided (ages 3-10)

- Tun Tavern Fellowship Bible Study on Tuesdays at 1900 at the Roadhouse

- Women's Study is meeting weekly on Thursdays at the Chapel - THE QUEST, Beth Moore Study, childcare provided.

Jewish Community Schedule Questions about the Jewish community? Contact Chaplain Lurer (amanda.r.lurer@usmc.mil)

ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)

The ASIST workshop is a two-day class for caregivers who want to feel more comfortable, confident and competent in helping to prevent the Immediate risk of suicide.

To find out more information or to register please call the 2d MAW Chaplain's Office at 252-466-3314.

Classes are given at the Training and Education Building and are scheduled from 0830-1600 both days.



A. Learning Express to Replace Peterson's DoD MWR Education Resource

ALERT: LearningExpress, will replace the current on-line test preparation tool, Peterson's DoD MWR Education Resource Center.

If you or someone in your family is currently using the Peterson's resource, please ensure that work has been completed before the site is no longer available.

Community Services, Personal and Professional Development Education Program

For more information contact Phone: 252-466-2046 DSN: 582-2046

B.  Financial Resources for Higher Education Webinar

The Personal and Professional Development Program recently developed a new webinar, Financial Resources for Higher Education. Learn about resources and programs that can assist you in funding your education. Topics include: FAFSA, GI Bill, CLEP/DSST Exams, Tuition Assistance, Free Classes, Joint Services Transcript, and Scholarships. This webinar will share some wonderful resources to help you save time and money as you pursue your educational goals.

Click on the link to go to the webinar:

C.  Schools Aboard the Installation (Jerry Marvel Training & Education Building 4335)

(1) Craven Community College, Room 120, 252-466-5020  Offers a wide range of programs, including college transfer courses, two-year degree offerings, partnerships with four-year universities, specialized workforce training options, high school completion and GED programs.

(2) Park University, Room 122, 252-466-2655  Offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Management, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Human Resources, Criminal Justice, Social Psychology, Logistics, Finance and Accounting.

(3) Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Room 114, 252-466-2779  Offers two Bachelor of Science degrees, Aviation Management and Electronics Systems Technologies in an alternating weekend format. Experience training or career electives, related to discipline, is required.

(4) Boston University, Room 114, 252-466-2491  Offers a Master of Science in Leadership and a Graduate Certificate in Project Management.

D.  Visiting Schools

 For information and a schedule of visiting schools please call the POC: Mrs. Dana Bayliss, Education and Career Specialist, 252-466-2046/3500 or by e-mail, dana.h.bayliss@usmc-mccs.org



Family Member Employee Assistant Program: Mission Possible: Operation Resume Webinar. Providing our military spouses with basic instructions for creating an effective resume.

Learn the three basic types of resumes: 1) The Functional Resume, 2) The Chronological Resume, and 3) The Combination Resume. Get a head start on your resume and then schedule an appointment with us.

Click this link, http://mccscherrypoint.com/programs/elearning/, then scroll down to the last webinar titled Mission Possible: Operation Resume. Let's accomplish this mission together!



A. MCCS Weekly Events


B. Single Marine Program

Fun events from your Single Marine Program http://smp.mccscherrypoint.com/

C. Subscribe to our Weekly Happenings email

Subscribe to our Weekly Happenings email with your personal email address to stay up-to-date with MCCS Events and Specials. http://eepurl.com/o-2Yv



When utilizing the mess hall and you have already signed in, you are authorized to eat seconds at any line provided in the mess hall. This does not authorize seconds to be taken out of the building.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT MEAL CARDS: Marines on MEAL CARDS must have their issued military id card(CAC) when entering the building and signing in for a meal. Personnel who do not have both of these items will pay the full meal price.

A. Mess Hall Hours for Cherry Point and Bogue Field

Cherry Point Mess Hall Building 3451
  Breakfast Lunch Dinner Mid-rats
Monday 0600-0800 1100-1300 1600-1800 2300-0100
Tuesday 0600-0800 1100-1300 1600-1800 2300-0100
Wednesday 0600-0800 1100-1300 1600-1800 2300-0100
Thursday 0600-0800 1100-1300 1600-1800 2300-0100
Friday 0600-0800 1100-1300 1600-1800 2300-0100
Saturday 0630-0800 1130-1300 1630-1800 2300-0100
Sunday 0630-0800 1130-1300 1630-1800 2300-0100


MCALF Bogue Field Mess Hall Building 8052
  Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday 0700-0800 1100-1230 1600-1700
Tuesday 0700-0800 1100-1230 1600-1700
Wednesday 0700-0800 1100-1230 1600-1700
Thursday 0700-0800 1100-1230 1600-1700
Friday 0700-0800 1100-1230 1600-1700


For additional information, please call 252-466-4030

B. Response to Customer Comments on ICE

In order to better serve our patrons, please provide the day, date and time of service when submitting ICE comments. In addition, it is recommended you leave your point of contact information so we can better serve you.


Marine Corps Food Management Information System (MCFMIS) Point of Sales (POS) is fully implemented at all USMC Installations. POS automates garrison mess hall manual meal verification processes throughout the Marine Corps. The POS system reads the CAC, records Electronic Data Interchange Personnel Identifier (EDIPI) information, interfaces with MCTFS, and validates member Meal entitlement. The software includes the ability to process various cash, credit cards (as applicable) and payroll deduction transactions in support of meal payments (when due). Marines that choose the payroll deduction transactions or receives a payroll checkage will see the pay checkages on their Leave and Earnings Statement (LES). Marines should review their LES regularly to monitor payroll deductions and report any unauthorized deductions to their local IPAC. See MARADMIN 255/17 for more information.



A. NHCCP Patient and Family Partnership Council.

If you're looking to make a difference in your community, NHCCP wants your input. We are seeking active-duty Sailors, Marines and Coast Guard members to join our Patient and Family Partnership Council . This is your opportunity to provide input and feedback regarding our programs and services. There are only a limited number of seats available, no rank restrictions and family members may also apply.

Contact CAPT Elisabet Prieto, elisabet.prieto.mil@mail.mil.

B.  Classes Available

Naval Health Clinic Cherry Point offers classes each month on a variety of subjects.

The Below classes are open to anyone ?????:

  • Nicotine Cessation Classes
  • Sports Nutrition (Learn about eating for performance, muscle building and supplements.
  • Ship Shape Weight Management Class
  • Diabetes Self-Management
  • Carbohydrate Counting
  • Medications (Everything you need to know about meds prescribed for anxiety, depression, PTSD Trauma, etc. Open to all!
  • Stress Management Class

  The classes listed below are ONLY FOR ACTIVE DUTY.

  • Active Duty Weight Management Class
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia  (Learn about sleep, insomnia and non-medication methods to treat it.)    
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)(Shown to be effective in treating issues related to depression and anxiety disorders.)
  • Outpatient Crisis Prevention Program (OCPP)  (Coping skills to reduce anxiety and depression.)
  • Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT) (Skill building in distress tolerance, interpersonal  efficacy, emotion regulation)
  • Women's Group (MST) (Process group for female service members who have experienced sexual trauma)    
  • Men's Group (Process group for men for adjustment to military life and life stressors.)

Please call 252-466-0277 for questions and how to enroll in any of these classes.

C.  Pharmacy Refill Extended Hours

The Cherry Point Naval Health Clinic Pharmacy Refill pickup station at the Marine Corps Exchange has extended its hours to include Saturdays from 10:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., until further notice.



A. Budget For Baby Classes

The focus of this class is on the financial impact of a new family member. Open to all Ranks. For Information, or to register call 252-466-2031

11 April 1300-1500
23 April 0930-1130
8 May 1300-1500
21 May 0930-1130
4 June 1300-1500
20 June 0930-1130

B. Breastfeeding Classes

Learn breastfeeding techniques!! Open to all ranks. For information or to register call 252-466-2031.

11 April
8 May
4 June

All classes are held from 1000 - 1130


  The Provost Marshal's Office Lost and Found Property Custodian is one of the many services offered by the PMO Crime Prevention Section. If you have lost or misplaced an item, please contact us to see if your property is one of the many items we are currently holding. Before calling or emailing us, please have (if available) the following information to help us return your property: The item's make/model, serial number, color, identifying marks or characteristics, and where / when you last noticed it. You may contact the PMO Lost and Found Custodian, Steven Miller, at (252) 466-2461 during working hours or email at steven.p.miller4@usmc.mil. If you have lost property please call, even if you have no documentation or receipts, we want to get the property back to you.

Found property currently on hand include but are not limited to: jewelry, USMC rings, cell phones, electronics, clothes, wallets, keys, tools, monies, knives, paint ball supplies, weed eater, boating items, and many other items.

  Hours and Information.

The Whistle Stop offers a wide variety of inexpensive, previously owned clothing, uniforms and merchandise to our Marine Corps and Navy members and their families.

All proceeds from both go towards the OSC scholarship and financial assistance program.

The Whistle Stop is located in building 1691.

Open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-2pm. Donations accepted anytime. For more information call 252-444-0949 or http://www.cherrypointosc.org or find us on Facebook.

  Need professional medical advice after hours? Call TRICARE's Nurse Advice line for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 1-800 TRICARE (1-800-874-2273).  

  The North Carolina Clean Water Act of 1999 requires owners of a wastewater treatment works to make a System Annual Performance Report available to their customers upon request. An annual performance report for MCAS Cherry Point CY2018 has been prepared and may be obtained free of charge by contacting Timothy Lawrence of the MCAS Cherry Point Environmental Affairs Department at 252-466-2754.  

  Legal Assistance is implementing a family law brief for those seeking advice and assistance in matters related to separation, divorce, and other related family issues.  Briefs will occur on Wednesdays at 0830 at the legal services building, BLD 219. Participants are asked to check-in NLT 0825.  Follow-on consultations will also be available by appointment.