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Frequently Asked Questions

  Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an Environmental Compliance (EC) Coordinator for my unit?        

Air Station and tenant commands, down to the group/squadron/directorate/department level, shall designate an EC and an Assistant EC (AEC). The EC must be a SSgt (E‐6), WG‐07, GS‐07 or above and possess sufficient knowledge, ability, and authority to implement environmental requirements at each command.

The group/squadron/directorate/department shall designate the EC and AEC by letter of appointment found on the Environmental Management (EM) Portal ( before assuming duties.


What are the mandatory Environmental training requirements for "all personnel" working or otherwise assigned aboard MCAS Cherry Point?        

All personnel must receive general environmental and EMS awareness training. Additional training requirements may apply depending on the specific billet position. Please contact the Comprehensive Environmental Training and Education Program Coordinator for more information: 252-466-3631.


What does the EMS logo mean or stand for?        

The EMS logo emphasizes essential components of the Commanding Officer’s Statement on Environmental Management and Conservation: “…To this end, it is the policy of MCAS Cherry Point to protect, preserve, and enhance our land, air, and water resources…”

Where do I take household hazardous waste (household hazardous material)?        

These items can be brought to the Materials Recovery Facility (Building 4638; (252) 466-4186) located on Access Road just past the Environmental Affairs Department.

When:  Wednesday 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.

Where: Materials Recovery Facility, Building 4638


Where can I take recyclables?        

Bring the following sorted recyclables to the Materials Recovery Facility (Building 4638; (252) 466-4186) located on Access Road just past the Environmental Affairs Department:

  • mixed paper, office paper, newspaper, and phone books
  • bottles (plastic and glass)
  • cans (aluminum and steel)

The facility is open 24 hours a day.

Corrugated cardboard should be taken to Six-Nation on Mockingbird Hill between the hours of 7 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.


Help! I spilled some oil.  What do I do?        

Any individual causing or discovering an oil and hazardous substances (OHS) spill (including hazardous waste) or a situation that may lead to a spill of OHS will immediately follow the Emergency Notification and Response Procedures detailed in AirStaO 5090.7, Oils and Hazardous Substances (OHS) Spill Prevention and Contingency. In summary, if you are certain that it is safe to do so, take steps to control (stop the source, shut off valves, upright the spilling container, etc.) and/or contain (apply sorbent materials, block drains, etc.) the spill. Contact the following immediately:

  • Located at the Air Station: Call MCAS Cherry Point Fire Dept., 911 or (252) 466-3333

  • Located on the Flightline: Call MCAS Cherry Point Crash Fire Rescue (CFR), (252) 466-2420

  • Located at Auxiliary Landing Field at Bogue: Call MCALF Bogue CFR, (252) 466-0662

Where do I find the Environmental Affairs Department (EAD)?        

The EAD is located near the intersection of Roosevelt Boulevard and Access Road, in building 4223.

I have a question about an environmental issue.  Whom should I contact?        

Please direct your questions to the EAD: (252) 466-3631.

I cannot access the EM Portal.  Whom should I contact?        

The EM Portal is only accessible for individuals with approved access rights. These individuals should contact the MCAS Cherry Point SharePoint Administrator at or by phone: (252) 466-6204. All others should reach out to the EAD with their general questions: (252) 466-3631.


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