Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point


Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

Cherry Point, North Carolina
 Communications Strategy and Operations

The Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point Communication Strategy and Operations (COMMSTRAT) section is organized and structured to provide MCAS Cherry Point and authorized tenant activities with community relations, graphics support, still and video imagery in support of unit training, missions and operations. COMMSTRAT is located aboard MCAS Cherry Point, Building 4279. Support can requested at our office during our normal hours of operation, Monday through Friday, 0800 - 1630, with the exception of Friday when the section is closed at 1200.

Photo Studio

MCAS Cherry Point Communication Strategy and Operations photo studio provides promotion photos, command board photos, passport and other administrative photographic support as authorized. The COMMSTRAT front entrance is located on the right side of BLDG 5279.

Hours of Operation for Command Photos:
Wednesday: 0800 – 1400

Hours of Operation for Administrative Photos:
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 0800 – 1400
Friday: 0800 – 1200

Promotion photo requirements: Promotion photos that will be transmitted to MMSB require a height/weight verification form that has been validated by a command representative within 30 days of the request. Any other promotion style photo will be taken in accordance with our section’s standard operating procedures or if mandated by a directive or MARADMIN.

Command Board Photos and Official Portraits: All official portraits and command board photographs are to be taken in Service “A” with ribbons and badges. Command Board Photographs contain both the American flag and the Marine Corps flag. Official portraits are any other photograph required for official use to identify positions of leadership, authority or billet that are not command specific, however it does not have the Marine Corps flag.

No-fee government passport requirements:  No-fee government passports are for government use only. The requestor will need a DD Form 1056 or copy of web orders and a non-white collared shirt.

Media Section

The Media Section is responsible for external and internal information release, community relations, and while evaluating public opinion and maintaining credibility with the public. The Media Section is located in Bldg 1.

Reproduction Section

The Reproduction and Graphics Section provides a full range of graphic creation, black and white printing up to 12”x18”, color printing up to 12”x18”, large format printing up to 40”, booklet making (two and three fold), binding, and lamination up to 24” wide for field products.

Photo Section

The Photo Section provides digital still acquisition, photographic printing, administrative photography, CD-ROM products and duplication and photographic restoration to customers.

Videography Section

The Videography Section provides motion media acquisition / documentation, creates motion media productions, media format conversion and DVD products and duplication.

 Contact Us

Commanding Officer
Communication Strategy and Operations Office
Marine Corps Air Station
PSC Box 8013
Cherry Point, N.C. 28533-0013

COMMSTRAT: (252) 466-4241
Photo Studio: (252) 466-2905
Motion Media: (252) 466-2905
Reproduction: (252) 466-2905
Fax: (252) 466-5201
E-mail: cherrypoint@usmc.mil