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Office of the Staff Judge Advocate

Contact info
(252) 466-6651/6458


The Cherry Point OSJA Handles:

  • Driving Privilege Revocation Appeals (ASO 5101.6P)
  • Chairs the Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board (ASO 1620.1E)
  • Processes Air Station Debarments (ASO 5530.1B)
  • Initiates Housing Privilege Revocations
  • Handles Revocations/Appeals of MCX/Commissary Privileges (ASO 4066.5D)
  • Chairs the Juvenile Disciplinary and Rehabilitation Board (ASO 5370.2H)
  • Approves Special Access for Civilians
  • Handles Appeals of Prohibited Pet Breeds (ASO 10570.1U)
  • Handles Hunting, Fishing, and Boating Privilege Appeals (ASO 1711.1V)
  • Approves Business Permits (ASO 1740.1E)



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Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point