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Military Justice
Legal Service Support Team



As prosecutors, we are responsible for handling all criminal matters that occur on this installation and some that occur off base. These matters range from providing advice to commanders prior to an NJP to prosecuting major felony offenses. Trial Counsels handle courts-martial and the Special Assistant United States Attorney (SAUSA) prosecutes civilian cases in Federal court.


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Military Justice
Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point
U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Atlantic
Postal Service Center Box 8007
Cherry Point NC 28533

Military Justice OIC
COMM: (252) 466-6795 • DSN: 582-6795

Trial Counsel
COMM: (252) 466-6818 / 6779 • DSN: 582-6818 / 6779

Military Justice Chief
COMM: (252) 466-6457 • DSN: 582-6457

Military Justice Clerk
COMM: (252) 466-2053 / 7453 • DSN: 582-2053 / 7453



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Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point