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Civil / Operational Law
Legal Service Support Team



Provide the highest quality operating environment for all using activities; operate and maintain facilities and assigned aircraft; furnish a full range of vital support services; nurture the quality of life; protect the natural environment; conduct proactive community relations; and to provide America with the best trained, best led, best supported armed forces capable of operating anytime, anywhere - to fight, win and survive.


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Civil Law / Operational Law / Investigations
Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point
U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Atlantic
Postal Service Center Box 8007
Cherry Point NC 28533


Civil Law

1. Ethics

    a. Fundraising

  • ALL fundraising events must be reviewed by the Civil Law Section for compliance with applicable laws and regulations

  • Please utilize the Fundraising RLR form to submit a request for legal review for a proposed fundraising event aboard MCAS Cherry Point. See the attached memorandum for guidance on Birthday Ball Fundraising.

  • Note: Submission of the RLR form alone does not constitute legal review or approval by the JLC.

    b. Gifts


  • Joint Ethics Regulations (JER), DoD 5500.7-R

  • SECNAVINST 4001.2J (12 Aug 09)

  • Standards of Conduct Office (SOCO) Information Paper - Gifts To Servicemembers

    c. Post Government Employment

    d. Financial Disclosures

  • OGE 450 Report (Confidential Financial Disclosure)

  • SF 278 Report (Public Financial Disclosure)

    e. Guidance, Resources and Training

2. JAGMAN Investigations

  • Preliminary Inquires

  • Command Investigations

  • Litigation Reports

  • Training & Resources

3. Operational law (ROE/LOW)

4. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act

Requests for Legal Review (RLR):

  • The Civil Law Section conducts legal review on a variety of issues in support of our mission.

  • Commands and their representatives are strongly encouraged to submit all questions of a legal or ethical nature within our areas of operation.

  • Each request should include the specific aspects or issues about which the command needs advice, supporting documentation and any additional information.

  • A minimum of five (5) business days is required to process requests for legal review.

  • A Civil Law Officer will inform the requester whether a proposed action is legally sufficient or the details of any insufficiency.

  • See below for specific types of requests for legal review.



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