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Legal Assistance
Legal Service Support Team

Contact Us

Legal Assistance
Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point
Postal Service Center Box 8007
Cherry Point, NC 28533

Located in Building 219

Legal Assistance Marines
COMM: (252) 466-2361 / 6841
DSN: 582-2361 / 6841

Civilian Legal Assistance Notary Public
COMM: (252) 466-2321
DSN: 582-2321



For remote legal assistance, please send an ENCRYPTED email from your .mil account to with the following information:

For subject line, please put:  RLA REQUEST

In body of email: 

State your full name, the full name of your spouse or opposing party, your EDIPI, and your phone number; and

A brief summary of the nature of your request for legal assistance.

We will respond to your request via email or telephone between the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Attorney Consultations:  
  • By Appointment only.

  • Those seeking to speak with an attorney must schedule an appointment either in person or over the phone. The office will conduct a conflict check both prior to scheduling the appointment and when you check-in. If a conflict is discovered at any time, this office cannot provide legal services.

  • Please arrive at least five minutes prior to your appointment to allow for a conflict check.

  • If you are more than ten (10) minutes late for your appointment, you will have to reschedule.

Family Law

Brief will occur on Wednesday mornings at 0810.

Attendees must be checked in no later than 0810. Those seeking a divorce are strongly encouraged to attend this comprehensive informational session to understand the process of obtaining a divorce.

Will, Estate planning, and power of attorney services
  • Worksheet pickup and drop off (Room 104): Monday – Thursday 0730-1030 and 1200-1500; Friday 0730-1200.

  • If these times do not work, please call (252) 466-2361 to schedule an appointment.

State Notary Services (Room 112)

Monday – Thursday 0700-1030 and 1200-1500; Friday 0730-1200; if these times do not work, please call (252) 466-2361 to schedule an appointment.

Legal Assistance can help with:

  • Landlord/Tenant disputes: Military termination, security deposits, preparing for small claims court

  • Consumer issues: To include: Contract disputes, Auto loan disputes, credit card disputes, problems with credit checks.

  • Estate planning: Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Advance Directives

  • Family law: Separation, uncontested divorce, child support and child custody, step-parent adoptions, non-support

  • Tax Issues: Questions ranging from: filing, audits, to withholdings.


Legal Assistance cannot

  • Help with criminal matters (military or civilian)

  • Assist regarding tickets on base

  • Appear in court or any administrative board for you

  • Help with claims against the government

  • Act as a mediator or work with both sides

About Legal Assistance

The Legal Assistance Office is staffed by Marine Judge Advocates, who are licensed and fully-accredited attorneys and Marine officers.  Legal Assistance is a professional environment. Clients seeking assistance must dress in appropriate civilian attire in compliance with AirStaO 1020.3E. Clients are expected show the same professionalism, respect and courtesy to the staff of Legal Assistance that they would show to a paid attorney.


Our first priority is mission readiness for operational units, especially deploying units. Other services may be limited or suspended for deployment briefs. Predeployment services are also available for reservists in pre-mobilization status. Individualized legal assistance services are available on a limited basis according to the following priority:

1. Legal Assistance is intended primarily for active duty personnel 
2. Dependents of active duty personnel as resources permit 
3. Reserve personnel on active duty for more than 30 days as resources permit 
4. Dependents of activated reserve personnel as resources permit 
5. Retired personnel and spouses as resources permit

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act:

  • The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act is a federal law which allows servicemembers to:

  • Lower pre-service interest to 6%

  • Stay civil court proceedings 90 days

  • Terminate leases early if PCS or deployment for 90 days or more

  • Terminate cell phone contracts and retain phone number if deploying for 90 days or more

  • If you have any questions regarding your rights under the SCRA, please come to the Legal Assistance Office

Will Information:

Generally, a will is not necessary if you:
  • Don't want a will

  • Are married with no children

  • Are single and are giving everything to your parents

  • Own no real property

  • Do not intend to disinherit someone

  • Have no special bequests

Generally, a will is necessary if you:
  • Are married with children

  • Are unmarried with children

  • Own real property

  • Intend to disinherit someone

  • Have special bequests

If you want a will, please come by the Legal Assistance Office and retrieve a will worksheet.

Advance Directives 

Advance Directives and Health Care Powers of Attorney allow you to state your wishes for medical treatment in the event that you are incapacitated, and authorize an agent to make those decisions for you.  If you are interested in getting an Advance Directive and Health Care Power of Attorney, you can receive one from the Legal Assistance Office.

Preventative Law:

For legal resources and preventative law information please see the excellent resources provided at Camp Lejeune's website.



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