Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point


Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

Cherry Point, North Carolina

A new traffic plan will soon take affect for Cherry Point personnel who regularly enter and exit Slocum Gate.

Federal and Department of Defense safety regulations require the air station to reduce the daily flow of traffic on Slocum Road due to its proximity to Cherry Point's Ammunition Storage Area. To meet those mandates, the air station will reduce Slocum Gate hours of operation. EFFECTIVE MONDAY, MARCH 23, SLOCUM GATE WILL CLOSE AT 6 P.M., MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY. The current weekend schedule will remain the same.

The new schedule will remain in effect while the air station assesses the effectiveness of the change. If further gate scheduling changes become necessary, we will provide additional notifications.

While it is understood that this change will increase safety for everyone who uses that route on the air station, we also realize that it will take time for personnel to become accustomed to the new gate schedule and resulting traffic flow. Please be patient as we work toward a safety-minded solution, adjust your routes and schedules accordingly to account for the new traffic flow, and be considerate of other drivers who are making these same adjustments.

Questions and concerns related to the change in gate hours may be addressed at the Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) website link located at the bottom of the Cherry Point website ( Select the "Safety and Security" link, and the "Rear Gate" comment card.


 MCAS Cherry Point Wastewater Report

The North Carolina Clean Water Act of 1999 requires owners of a wastewater treatment works to make a System Annual Performance Report available to their customers upon request.

An annual performance report for CY2014 has been prepared and may be obtained free of charge by contacting Timothy Lawrence of the MCAS Cherry Point Environmental Affairs Department at 466-2754.                        


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An unpaved road frequently used by Eastern North Carolina Marines and Sailors is now effectively prohibited for use by military personnel, according to a new order.

The II Marine Expeditionary Force and Marine Corps Installations East joint order, 5100.3 was signed into policy March 19, 2010. The Order is punitive in nature, and service members found in violation are punishable under Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Read Entire Story and Order>>

An "off-limits" area / establishment is defined as any vehicle, conveyance, place, structure, building, or area prohibited to military personnel to use, ride, visit, or enter during the period in which it may be declared off-limits. As a matter of policy, the change of ownership, management or name of any off-limits establishment does not, in and of itself, revoke the off-limits restrictions.


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  The DSN Prefix for MCAS Cherry Point is '582'



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Range Notification Hotline: 252-466-0051
CHPT Range Complex Notification:           

On 10 and 26-27 March there will be large helicopter inserted ground force exercises taking place at OLF Atlantic. Expect an increase in HELO and/or OSPREY activity into and out of the OLF during these periods. From 9-26 March there will special boat teams operating into and out of BT-9 and 11 conducting surface direct live fire until as late as midnight each day.

Also: Explosive Ordnance Disposal Marines may be conducting explosives training aboard MCAS Cherry point. Expect to hear the occasional loud explosion in the vicinity of the base.

Special Note: This stands as the second notification for the temporary expansion of the prohibited area around BT-11 to 2.5 SM. It will be activated from 1600-2300L (4-11 p.m.) Monday-Thursday 23-26 March 2015. Expect special boat teams to be maneuvering within and conducting live fire onto BT-11 from within the 2.5 SM ring during that period.