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Command Inspector General


DEBARMENT APPEALS Personnel debarred from the Air Station that wish to have their base access privileges reinstated must submit a written appeal detailing why they should be reinstated. This written appeal should include all pertinent supporting material and must include:

• Original debarment paperwork
• 50 state background check
• At least 1 letter of reference
• Proof of citizenship

REINSTATEMENT OF DRIVING PRIVILEGES: Persons whose driving privileges have been revoked through the provisions of ASO 5101.6 may not apply for reinstatement until they can provide documented proof that they have been relicensed by the state or district revoking the privilege.

Application for reinstatement for military personnel will be submitted to the Station Inspector via the chain of command; civilian personnel will submit directly to the Station Inspector; with full justification for the reinstatement and evidence of having completed a Remedial Driving Training course as described in para 11 of ASO 5101.6.

Summary of Required Documents:

• AA Form requesting reinstatement/Letter of Appeal to Commanding Officer, MCAS Cherry Point with Unit/Group Command endorsements.
• Traffic violation Citation
• Traffic Court Clerk endorsement, 252-466-4683
• Traffic Court Notification Awareness Disposition
• Driving For Life completion certificate (if required)
• SACC letter (if required)
• Driver's License/Picture ID




Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point