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Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

Cherry Point, North Carolina

What does the Tax Center do?
The Tax Center prepares and e-files federal and state income tax returns, FOR FREE.

Who is eligible for Tax Center services?
Active duty, reserve, and retired military and their dependents.

Who prepares the returns?
Marines and Sailors who have been trained and certified through the IRS VITA program to prepare and file most types of returns.

Having all your tax information before coming in for service will help us serve you better.  The following checklists will assist you in preparing for your visit to the Tax Center:

Gather your documents.
• W-2s for each job held last year for each person in the household.
• 1099s showing other income (unemployment, social security, state tax refund, gambling winnings, contract work) that is reported to the IRS.
• 1098s showing payments you've made (mortgage interest, school loans, college tuition and fees, property tax).
• Income/Interest statements received for any savings account/investments.
• Bank account numbers: A voided check or direct deposit printout from MyPay showing routing and account numbers for your refund to be 
  deposited by direct deposit.
• Last year's tax return (if you have it).
• Social Security Card(s) *REQUIRED* 

Collect information for everyone in your household.
• A valid military or other government-issued ID card.
• Documented Social Security information (a social security card or a letter from the Social Security Administration verifying names and numbers) or ITIN letter for you, your spouse, and all dependents, including children and relatives that you care for. 
• Date of birth and relationship of all individuals you intend to include on your return (son, daughter, mother, etc.).
• Current address (it may be different from the address on your employment records).
• Custody/Divorce/Separation agreements, if applicable.

Gather additional items that may help you get a larger refund.
• Childcare expenses: Name, address, Tax ID or Social Security number of the child care provider.
• Business expenses and assets if you're self-employed or have a small business.
• Educator expenses for teaching grades K-12 (school supplies and materials used in the classroom).
• Charitable donations: List of contributions and amounts, receipts for contributions over $250.
• Vehicle records: Sales tax on vehicle purchase, personal property tax statement for each car you own, vehicle log of miles driven for business.
• Renters: Amount of rent paid (for some state returns).
• Retirement/IRA: Retirement account contributions/distributions.

** Note to married taxpayers **
If married and filing a joint return, both spouses must be present or the filing spouse must have a Power of Attorney for filing the return.  The Legal Assistance Office (252-466-2311) at the Legal Services Support Team can prepare power of attorney paperwork during regular hours, currently 0730-1100 and 1300-1630.

When is the Tax Center open?
The Tax Center provides walk-in service during regular hours on a first-come first-served basis as follows:

The tax center will be open to all authorized personnel Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m.- 4 p.m., and on Friday 8 a.m.- 3 p.m.

Appointment-only hours will be every Tuesday and Wednesday from 4 p.m.- 6 p.m.

* Appointments are subject to availability and can be made by calling (252) 466-2001. *

Where is the Tax Center?
The tax center is located on the right in Bldg. 901 (former location of First Citizen's Bank beside McDonalds).

More questions?
Stop by or give us a call at (252) 466-2001.

• Multiple Rental Properties 
• Businesses with inventory or over $10,000 in expenses
• Health Savings Accounts
• Adoption Expenses
• Simple / SEP IRA Distributions 
• Trust Distributions 
• Cancellation of Debt 
• Home Foreclosures
• Complicated and Advanced Capital Gains and Losses

For these items, we recommend that you seek the assistance of a paid professional preparer or check with Camp Lejeune's Tax Assistance Center (910-451-3030).

For additional questions or to set an appointment, call (252) 466-2001.


 Directions to the Tax Center

Entering from Slocum (Back Gate): Take a right on Roosevelt Blvd (at the Gas Station) and then a right at the second light on Roosevelt Blvd. The tax center is located on the right in Bldg. 901 (former location of First Citizen's Bank beside McDonalds).

Entering from the Main Gate: Take a left after the second stoplight on Roosevelt Blvd. The tax center is located on the right in Bldg. 901 (former location of First Citizen's Bank beside McDonalds).

Call 466-2001 for information.