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Waterside Boundaries

§ 334.430 Neuse River and tributaries at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina; restricted area and danger zone.

(a) The restricted area. That portion of Neuse River within 500 feet of the shore along the reservation of the Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, North Carolina, extending from the mouth of Hancock Creek to a point approximately 6,800 feet west of the mouth of Slocum Creek, and all waters of Hancock and Slocum Creeks and their tributaries within the boundaries of the reservation.

(b) The danger zone. The waters with in an area beginning at latitude 34.923425° N, longitude −76.853222° W; thence northeasterly across Hancock Creek to latitude 34.925258° N, longitude −76.849864° W; continuing northeasterly to latitude 34.933382° N, longitude −76.835081° W; thence north westerly to the Neuse River shoreline at latitude 34.936986° N, longitude −76.841197° W, continuing north westerly to latitude 34.943275° N, longitude −76.852169° W; thence south westerly along the shorelines to latitude 34.935111° N, longitude −76.859078° W; thence southeasterly along Hancock Creek shoreline to the point of origin.

(c) The regulations.

(1) Except in cases of extreme emergency, all persons or vessels, other than those operated by the United States Navy or United States Coast Guard, are prohibited from entering the restricted area without prior permission of the enforcing agency.

(2) Entry points into the danger zone will be prominently marked with signage indicating the boundary of the danger zone.

(3) Firing will take place both day and night at irregular periods throughout the year. Appropriate warnings will be issued through official government and civilian channels serving the region. Such warnings will specify the time and duration of operations and give such other pertinent information as may be required in the interest of safety. Upon completion of firing or if the scheduled firing is cancelled for any reason, the warning signals marking the danger zone will be removed.

(4) Except as otherwise provided in this section the danger zone will be open to general public access. Vessels, watercraft, and other vehicles may proceed through the danger zone.

(5) The regulation in this section shall be enforced by the, Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina, and/or persons or agencies as he/she may designate.

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point