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Alantic Marine Corps Communities (AMCC) announces home availability for the following: Military Bachelors, Reservists, DOD Civilian Employees, Military Retirees, Widows of Military Retirees, DOD Contractors, and Retired DOD Civilians can now live on base at MCAS Cherry Point. for eligibility information, please call (252) 466-4794 / 3602



Grants Landing Capeharts (Officer Area)

Grants Landing Two-Story (Officer Area)

SNCO E-6 thru E-9:

Presidents Cove in Grants Landing (Townhomes E6-E9)

Grants Landing SNCO Capeharts (E6-E9)

Nugent Cove SNCO Enclave (NEW E6-E9)


Enlisted E-1 thru E-5:

Nugent Cove Legacy (E1 thru E9)

Nugent Cove (NEW) (E1 thru E5)

Binder Oaks (E1 thru E5)

Lawson Village(E1 thru E5)

Slocum Village (E1 thru E5)



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