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Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point


Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

Cherry Point, North Carolina
Housing Application Information

Walk in.  Applications for Military Housing are accepted from 0730-1600, Monday through Friday, at the Military Housing Office,  Building 298, 4th & D Street. Please bring all required documents.

The spouse may make application with a power-of-attorney and documentation proving the member is attached to MCAS Cherry Point.  For acceptance of Public Private Venture (PPV) housing, an amended Power of Attorney is required.

You will need:
• Copy of your PCS Orders -or- Web Orders (for Marines) -or- Page 2 (for Navy) from your Service Record Book (SRB).

You will need:
Copy of your PCS or WEB orders

Page 2 from your Service Record Book (Navy Personnel).

Completed/Signed Application to housing 1746 (Please include telephone number or email address so the MHO may contact you for additional information.)

Completed/Signed Application Addendum Checklist

Completed/Signed Privacy Act Release Statement

Completed/Signed Registered Sex Offender Disclosure Statement

Completed/Signed Pet Registration Addendum * (Mandatory with or w/out pets)

NOTE: If you do have pets (limit of two domestic animals) you are required to provide Vaccination and Microchip Certificates for each pet. Mandatory requirements for referral / assignment

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED all Pet Owners become familiarized with MCO P11000.22 CH6, Domestic Animal Control.
Download MCO P11000.22 CH6 ::

NOTE: A spouse may make application with a Power-of-Attorney (POA), documentation showing the member is attached to Cherry Point and a copy of the Dependency Application. An Atlantic Marine Corps Communities (AMCC)-specific POA is required for lease signing.
Download Power of Attorney ::

FAX all forms to (252) 466-3648 (24-hour acceptance) -OR-

Mail all forms to Housing Department, MCAS, PSC Box 8034, Cherry Point, NC 28533-0034 -OR- E-Mail Us

Due to the Personally Identifiable Identification (PII) Act, we strongly advise that military housing applications and/or any other correspondence containing PII not be sent thru this mailbox.

PETS.   Incoming personnel will not be placed on an active waiting list without supporting documentation regarding pets.  The Marine Corps policy on the control of domestic animals aboard Marine Corps Installations prohibits certain breeds. 

Supporting documentation required within ten days of occupancy:  

1.  Proof of Registration
2.  Proof of Vaccination
3.  Proof of Functioning Microchip Identification Device
4.  Pet Addendum Form (located in ‚Äč
Required Documents)

MCAS Cherry Point Veterinary Clinic: 252-466-2166

SEX OFFENDER.  In order to preserve morale, welfare, and good order and discipline, registered sex offenders will be denied residence in housing aboard this installation. 

CANCELATION OF APPLICATION.  It is your responsibility to keep your application current.  If we cannot find you, your application will be canceled.  That is the last thing we want to do, so talk to us.  We are here to help.  Notify Family Housing if any of the following occur:

• Your contact information changes
• You deploy, go TAD or on leave
• You change military units
• You are obligated to a lease and cannot accept quarters at this time
• Change in rank or number of dependents