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The Military Housing Office (MHO) and AMCC Leasing office, located at building 496, has reopened for in-office visits. Only the applicant from each household will be granted access into the office. To maintain social distancing only 4 customers will be permitted at one time. Visitors are required to wear a face covering at all times.

Military Housing Office/Off-Station Referrals
Hours of Operation:   7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday - Friday
Address: Building 496, Madison Drive, MCAS Cherry Point, NC 28533



Due to the Personally Identifiable Identification (PII) Act, we strongly advise that military housing applications and/or any other correspondence containing PII not be sent thru this mailbox.

Administrative Support and General Inquiries:
Comm: (252) 466-2732
DSN: 582-2732

Family Housing Assistants - On Station:
Comm: (252) 466-4794
DSN: 582-4794
Comm: (252) 466-2071
DSN: 582-2071
Comm: (252) 466-3602
DSN: 582-3602

Housing Referral Assistants - Off Station:
Comm: (252) 466-5563
DSN: 582-5563
Comm: (252) 466-3602
DSN: 582-3602

All PPV Pay Related Issues:
Comm: (252) 466-3602
DSN: 582-3602

Housing FAX Number: (252) 466-3648

Housing Director
Mr. Mike McGee
Comm. (252) 466-2699
DSN 582-2699

Family Housing Manager
Mrs. Samantha Hauser
Comm. (252) 466-2107
DSN 582-2107



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