H&HS Marines taught leadership and ethics fundamentals

31 Mar 2015 | Cpl. U. B. Roberts Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

Approximately 50 Marines with Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron graduated from the first cycle of the Lance Corporal Leadership and Ethics Seminar at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., March 27.

During the seminar, the Marines discussed the Marine Corps core values, ethos, and leadership traits. The purpose of the seminar was to help the Marines understand the importance of leadership and learn how to handle and address problems that they may encounter once promoted to noncommissioned officer.

“It’s a great program,” said H&HS Sgt. Maj. Christopher Bauer. “It teaches the Marines the foundations of leadership and what it means to embody the whole Marine concept.”

The Marines were broken down into individual platoons, where they brainstormed ways to address situations that they might face as NCOs, for example financial, ethical and moral issues.

“It is essential to Marines’ leadership ability that they focus and learn the material that is being administered to them,” said Bauer. “The topics they are learning will be crucial throughout their military career, as well as when they transition to become civilians. We are guiding them to be the example, so that they too can one day lead our Corps.”

The course was led by sergeants in the squadron who had excelled above their peers and were deemed capable to lead Marines.

An instructor of the seminar, Sgt. Margarita Martinez, a postal clerk with H&HS, feels it is an honor to teach junior Marines and give them the knowledge that she has acquired from experiences throughout her career.

“I feel like every Marine should go through this seminar,” said Martinez, a native of Pleasanton, Texas. “It can be so easy to become complacent, but while at the seminar we are getting the Marines engaged and getting their thought processes moving. This allows the Marines to bounce ideas off of each other and find ways to solve problems correctly and efficiently.”

The passing down of wisdom and knowledge is vital to the development of junior Marines and the Corps alike, explained Martinez.

“There is no better teacher than those who have lived and been through the challenges the incoming junior Marines may face,” said Martinez. “If we continue to ensure our Marines are knowledgeable of the tradition and values of the Marine Corps, the Marine Corps will continue to thrive.”

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point