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Marines with Marine Tactical Air Command Squadron 28 gather for a photo with the Devil Dog Dare course staff at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., Aug. 13, 2014. MTACS-28 was the first 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing squadron to complete the course.

Photo by Cpl. J. R. Heins

Devil Dog Dare opens at Cherry Point

20 Aug 2014 | Cpl. Victor A. Arriaga

Marines with Marine Tactical Air Command Squadron 28 tested the Devil Dog Dare obstacle course at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, Aug. 13.

The course is designed to challenge Marines as part of a program called Operation Adrenaline Rush, which was introduced across the Marine Corps in 2013 to help Marines returning from deployments.

The Devil Dog Dare, located at the Shady Grove Recreation Area, is designed to introduce Marines to activities that can help alleviate stress caused during deployment.

OAR has proven effective at decreasing off-duty mishaps, empowering small-unit leaders, providing a positive alternative to high-risk behavior and assisting Marines returning to life in garrison, said Mike Largent, director of Cherry Point’s Marine Corps Community Services.

MCCS and Cherry Point hope the Devil Dog Dare will give 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing Marines returning from deployment a chance to feed their need for excitement in a fun, safe and physically demanding way.

“We wanted to provide adrenaline producing activities here at Cherry Point,” said Largent. “We also didn’t want to make it a one-day-only event, so we got approval from the station’s commanding officer to build Devil Dog Dare here at Cherry Point.”

The course features a 52-foot high tower, rope challenge, zip-line, mountain biking and wall climb to challenge a Marine’s mental and physical strength in a safe, controlled environment and to provide an adrenaline rush that replicates some emotions Marines feel while deployed.

“Our hope with this course is to give the Marines something to get some of their angst out,” said Largent. “We’re very hopeful that this is going to be great for the Marines.”

Staff Sgt. Garland Brown, the system administrative chief with MTACS-28, was the first Marine to finish the course with the squadron.

“It was excellent trying out the new course,” said Brown. “It was very challenging and a lot of fun.”

The course is great for getting the adrenaline flowing for Marines returning from deployments, according to Brown.

“This was a great challenge and it gets your blood pumping the whole time,” said Brown. “The course was definitely worth it and will help Marines.”

For more information about the Devil Dog Dare or to schedule a unit for the course, call 466-7351.

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point