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Sgt. Johazais K. Wyble, left, and Gunnery Sgt. Bernard J. Coyne plant an explosive in the ground at the Explosive Ordnance Disposal range Oct. 30. Wyble was one of two Marines selected to participate in the Commander’s Incentive Program, a program made to award exemplary Marines. Coyne is an EOD technician.

Photo by Pfc. Grace Waladkewics

Commander's Incentive Program leads Marines to EOD range

7 Nov 2013 | Pfc. Grace Waladkewics

“Fire in the hole, fire in the hole, fire in the hole!” is heard followed by the deafening sound of several pounds of explosives detonating on the Explosive Ordnance Disposal range during the Commander’s Incentive Program event Oct. 30.

Sgt. Johazais K. Wyble and Lance Cpl. Abdiel J. Moralesramos of the Installation Personnel Administration Center were selected by their section leadership to step out of their office for a day to take part in ordnance familiarization on the EOD range as a reward for their continuous outstanding performance.

The Commander’s Incentive Program was implemented by Lt. Col. Charles J. Basham, commanding officer of Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, as a way to award exemplary Marines in a unique way for going above and beyond their daily duties.

Marines are selected for the program quarterly based on their ability to efficiently complete daily tasks, as well as showing they have a desire to improve themselves personally and professionally.

“I believe I was selected because I expressed interest in the program and stayed out of trouble in addition to the basic requirements,” said Wyble, the personnel noncommissioned officer in charge with IPAC.

Marines who are selected for the program are sent to the EOD range, the pistol range for a pistol shoot, to the flight simulators, or to Marine Transport Squadron 1 to participate in a scheduled training flight on the HH-46D Sea Knight helicopter known as “Pedro.”

As their reward, Wyble and Moralesramos, along with several EOD techs, performed a basic demolition day which consisted of instructional periods, practical application and basic demolition techniques utilizing a variety of explosives. Some of the explosives the Marines used were C3, sheet explosives, TNT and military dynamite.

“This is the second set of Marines who have come to the EOD since the start of the incentive program,” said Master Sgt. William Walker, the station EOD chief. “It is great getting to show them something most Marines will never get to see and it gives us a chance to show off.”

Wyble is happy she got the chance to be a part of the Commander’s Incentive Program because she is showing her Marines that hard work does pay off and that there is something fun they can work toward.

“This experience was awesome; it was nothing like I would have expected,” said Moralesramos. “It was so cool actually getting to help build the bombs and set them off.”

Walker said the program is great for the Marines participating on both sides. It is important for Marines to get out of their proverbial box and to be rewarded for the hard work that they do, he said.

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