Flyby: Cpl. Joshua B. Dyer

6 Sep 2013 | Pfc. Cayce Nevers

When someone says they’re a mechanic, it could imply a range of skills from changing the spark plug on a lawnmower to building high-performance racing engines. When Cpl. Joshua B. Dyer says it, he means that he inspects and maintains an engine that produces more than 11,000 pounds of force to propel the Corps’ premier tactical electronic warfare aircraft to exercises and operations around the world.

“As powerline mechanics, we maintain the engines of the Prowlers, launch aircraft and oversee the safety of all personnel on the flightline,” he said.

Dyer enjoys being a powerline mechanic because of the busy work schedule.

“I enjoy my job because we are always busy,” he said. “We have a lot of responsibilities and not much down time. There is always something new to learn.”

VMAQT-1 was redesignated as a training squadron June 14.  The squadron is now the sole source for training Marine Prowler pilots as the Navy prepares to retire its fleet of EA-6B aircraft next year. 

Dyer believes the squadron’s pride in making sure the job is done correctly helps build the unity within the squadron.

“We have a very tight unit,” he said. “The Marines are motivated, enthusiastic and have a lot of pride in what they do, which builds the morale and brings us together as a unit.”

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point