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Cpl. David B. DeMartino stands next to a UH-1N Twin Huey at the Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 467 hanger Friday. DeMartino, a San Jose, Calif. native, is a helicopter mechanic with the squadron. As a helicopter mechanic, DeMartino fixes discrepancies such as removing blades, gear boxes, engines, we work on flight controls and fuel cells on the aircraft.

Photo by Pfc. Cayce Nevers

Flyby: Cpl. David B. DeMartino

22 Aug 2013 | Pfc. Cayce Nevers

Cpl. David B. DeMartino joined the Marine Corps knowing he wanted to pursue a field in mechanics. Working with his recruiter and researching open positions, DeMartino finally found a job that piqued his interest, aviation mechanic.

As a helicopter mechanic with Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 467, DeMartino inspects and maintains helicopter airframes and airframe components. He works on AH-1W Super Cobras, UH-1N Hueys and recently began maintaining UH-1Y Venoms.

“I fix discrepancies like removing rotor blades, gear boxes and repairing engine components, along with monitoring flight controls and fuel cells on the aircraft,” he said.

DeMartino also supervises junior Marines and helps them advance their abilities with the aircraft and their careers in the Marine Corps.

“My favorite aspect of the job is teaching the younger Marines,” he said. “I know they will take my place one day and I want to see them be able to do the job and do the job right.”

DeMartino has worked both day and night shifts with the squadron and says Marines on both shifts are as close as any family.

“The missions on the crews are different,” he said, “but the bond is still there.”

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point