Brothers stick together during deployment

22 Aug 2013 | Pfc. Mike Granahan

Many Marines consider their fellow service members brothers-in-arms; however, two Marines currently deployed to Afghanistan with 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (Forward) bring new truth to that statement.
Sgt. Ray C. Littles Jr. helped to re-enlist his brother, Cpl. Aaron J. Littles, at Camp Bastion, Helmand province, Aug. 10.
The brothers share experiences based on their military service allowing them to inspire each other to reach for greatness, said Aaron, an aviation ordnance systems technician with Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 40. 
“My brother and I have always pushed each other to accomplish goals and the Marine Corps is no different,” said Aaron. “We keep each other on our toes and constantly work toward the next goal whatever it may be.”
The two enjoy being forward deployed together because it allows them to look out for one another just as they did growing up, said Ray, an administrative clerk with 2nd MAW (Fwd.).
“Being here with my brother helps because I know that my ‘Ace’ is close-by,” said Ray. “I know that if I need him, he is only a few miles away vice thousands of miles. Being in the same (area of operations) also allows me to be one of the first to know if he is safe, and if he needs my assistance.”
Competitive spirit during adolescence has since developed into professional encouragement toward advancement, said Ray. 
 “My brother was always my rival through my teenage years,” said Ray. “Now that we are both in the Marine Corps, we constantly push each other to be the best. It was a great feeling to present my brothers re-enlistment.  He is a good Marine with great potential and the Corps needs more NCOs like him.”   

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