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Cpl. Anthony M. Lehman, a military poilice officer with Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron, stands next to a patrol car just inside the main gate July 9. When Lehman was young, his dream was to become a police officer.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Cayce Nevers

Flyby: Cpl. Anthony M. Lehman

11 Jul 2013 | Lance Cpl. Cayce Nevers

Most people don’t end up performing the special job they dreamed about as kids, but a lucky few blessed with a perfect blend of drive and opportunity get to climb into that fire truck, don that lab coat or pull on those cowboy boots every day.

Cpl. Anthony M. Lehman is one such individual.  When he was young, Lehman wanted to wear a badge and a gun.

“In my job I am able to provide security for the base and ensure the safety of all those who reside within it,” said the military police officer.

The duties of a military police officer differ in garrison compared to the field.

“In garrison we are more of the cop version of the military police,” said Lehman. “We deal a lot with traffic regulations as well as state laws and regulations, but in the field we do a lot of training, convoy missions, personnel security details and working with many different weapons.”

Protecting the base and all its residents is what Lehman looks forward to when he comes to work.

“My favorite part of the job is being able to give Marines and civilians who work and live here the peace of mind of knowing they are safe and are able to sleep well at night,” he said. “I love knowing that when I enforce a regulation or a base order, it could potentially save a life.”

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point