Megown takes charge of ‘Hammerheads’

17 May 2013 | Cpl. Scott L. Tomaszycki

Lt. Col. Charles Megown assumed command of Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 366 from Lt. Col. Richard T. Anderson during a ceremony here May 10.

Anderson will move on to Eisenhower School, formerly known as the Industrial College of the Armed Forces. The school teaches management of strategic assets.

Anderson took his Marines aside several days before the ceremony and confided in them his feelings about commanding the squadron for the past year.

“I’m extremely proud of their performance and the Marines certainly understand it,” said Anderson. “About 95 percent of the Marines out there enlisted after 9/11, they knew exactly what they were getting into, and they could have chosen to be anything they wanted to be but they chose to be Marines. Above all else, that certainly made me proud.”

Anderson said he will miss commanding the Marines, but leaving is easier for him because he is leaving the unit in the hands of a long-time friend.

“Lt. Col. Anderson has been one of my best friends for the past 15 years,” said Megown. “I could not be happier or feel more fortunate than to be taking the flag from him on Friday.”

Megown said he looks forward to commanding the Marines, many of whom are veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan, operations in the Horn of Africa, and relief efforts in New York and New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy.

Megown’s previous post was as the assistant officer in charge of the II Marine Expeditionary Force’s Special Operations Training Group, which is responsible for ensuring Marine Expeditionary Units are fully ready and capable of taking on challenges they may encounter on deployment. He said his recent experience with the training group could enhance the unit’s ability to conduct shipboard deployments successfully.

Megown’s personal decorations include the Meritorious Service Medal, the Air Medal, and the Navy and the Marine Corps Commendation Medal.
Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point