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Per Marine Administrative Message 590/12 no one is allowed to use their official Marine Corps email account to register for social networking sites or internet-based capabilities. For more details about this message and other social media related tips visit

Photo by Staff Sgt. Roman Yurek

Official email forbidden for commercial internet registration

14 Nov 2012 | Staff Sgt. Roman Yurek

    Tweeting a recent success at work or sharing family photos on Facebook is a part of normal daily life for many Americans. Marines are no exception with photos of a recent promotion or reenlistment appearing on Facebook or Twitter seconds after the ceremony is complete.
    Engagement on social media platforms is a great way for Marines to keep in touch with family and friends in their hometowns and around the world. But before creating a new motivational social media account, be aware of Marine Administrative Message 590/12.
    This message, titled “Responsible and Effective use of Internet-based Capabilities," includes restriction of using official Marine Corps email when registering on a commercial social media site.
    These commercial sites and internet-based capabilities are are not owned, operated or controlled by the Marine Corps, Department of the Navy, Department of Defense or the federal government. Some of the sites this applies to include: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Application, dating sites and online stores.    
    Cheryl Donlon, an information assurance specialist with the air station Telecommunication Information Systems Directorate, stated that the use of non-DoD email servers like Yahoo and Google are allowed for limited personal use to register for social media sites.
    “Commands can authorize the use of social media sites during down time like over lunch periods or after hours,” added Donlon, who also reminds users that the ability to engage in social media is authorized on government computers for limited personal use. 
    There are two exceptions that allow the use of official email addresses being used on social media or internet-based capabilities. 
    The first exception allows the use of official email addresses to be used for official public affairs activities conducted on non-DoD sites on the internet like Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point on Facebook and 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing on Twitter.
    Although using an official account is allowed for this type of activity, all official MCAS Cherry Point and 2nd MAW social media sites are registered through commercial email accounts.
    The second exception is using an official email address to register for work-sponsored activities such as seminars or training hosted by commercial websites. Be mindful that although this is authorized, some sites may be restricted by the Marine Corps Enterprise Network or have limited functionality due to restricted bandwidth.
    Every Marine, Sailor and civilian that applies for an official email account is required to read and sign System Authorization Access Request form that details the “dos and don’ts” for utilizing government equipment.
    For more information about using social networking sites on government assets and tips on how to operate safely in the social media realm, visit

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point