VMAQ-2 Death Jesters receive award

18 Nov 2011 | Lance Cpl. Scott L. Tomaszycki

The Association of Old Crows recognized Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 2 with an outstanding unit award during their annual symposium in Washington, D.C., Monday.

The theme of the symposium was electronic warfare, which plays a growing role in the Marine Air-Ground Task Force. VMAQ-2 earned the award for being on the forefront of the Marine Corps’ expanding electromagnetic warfare capabilities.

“The introduction of the Increased Capabilities III aircraft into the inventory has been a game changer for the Marine Corps and the Prowler community,” said Lt. Col. Jason C. Schuette, the EA-6B Aviation Electronic Attack Requirements Officer for N88. “VMAQ-2 has been at the forefront, tactically pushing the envelope and exploring how best to use this new capability in support of our combatant commanders.”

N88 is a Department of the Navy office that sets operational capability requirements for Navy and Marine Corps forces. According to Schuette, the evolving nature of warfare requires the MAGTF commanders to integrate electronic warfare into their battle plan. The Prowlers currently in use by the Marine Corps increase the commander’s situational awareness and deny adversaries use of communications.

In Afghanistan during 2010, VMAQ-2 supported the majority of the Afghan airspace while continuing to support Marine operations on the ground. According to Maj. Geoffrey M. Gosik, the operations officer for the squadron, VMAQ-2 supported convoy operations, helicopter assaults, raids and troops in contact.

Gosik also said the squadron continues to refine tactics, techniques and procedures for the Prowler community and gives electronic warfare training to AV-8B and F-15E pilots. The F-35B can potentially take over both the electronic warfare and strike fighter roles, making cross training necessary.

“VMAQ-2 has been particularly innovative and this award is recognition for their ability to set the standard,” Shuette said.

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point