Deputy commandant for aviation visits with 2nd MAW leadership

7 Mar 2011 | Cpl. Samuel A. Nasso

Lt. Gen. Terry G. Robling, the deputy commandant for aviation, visited Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point to discuss past, current and future operations of the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing March 7-8.

“As the commandant’s advisor for aviation, General Robling needs to know his personnel and the capabilities of each command under his charge,” said Tim J. MacKenzie, the 2nd MAW deputy operations officer.  “That’s what you want in a senior leader, a Marine who takes time out of his schedule to get a feel, to get a flavor of what 2nd MAW is all about.”

Robling arrived early March 7 and went straight to business meeting with commanders and senior leaders at the 2nd MAW headquarters. During the meeting, the group commanders briefed Robling on the overall status of their Marine air groups, including their initiatives, operational tempo, mission readiness, group standardization and any additional concerns.

After the meeting, Robling took the rest of the day to visit the Marines of 2nd MAW by touring the flight line.

“He was appointed as the deputy commandant for aviation in January this year and this is his first visit since, so he wants to know about the Marines in 2nd MAW,” MacKenzie said.

For the second day of his visit, accompanied by his wife, Cathe, Robling flew to MCAS New River in an MV-22 Osprey where he met with the 2nd MAW leadership there.

The opportunity to visit with squadrons at New River held particular significance as it came on the heels of an important 2nd MAW training exercise. Ospreys from New River, supported by KC-130J aerial refuelers, conducted flights between Corpus Christi, Texas; Key West, Fla.; and Pensacola, Fla.; further solidifying the aircraft’s all-weather, long-range deployment capability.

“As the advisor of aviation, General Robling is very valuable to Commandant of the Marine Corps General Amos because he is the link between our Marines at 2nd MAW and to Headquarters Marine Corps,” MacKenzie said. “His visit is a great way to connect with the Marines under his charge.”

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point