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Cpl. Eric T. Petry, an aviation precision measurement equipment technician with Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 14, carries a Marine while conducting a combat fitness test at Cherry Point, Oct. 6. Petry scored a perfect 300 on his CFT.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Tyler J. Bolken

Conquer the CFT, tips to get most out of score

21 Oct 2010 | Lance Cpl. Tyler J. Bolken

In the combat fitness test, every second counts.

“It’s nonstop, so many different things hit you at once,” said Cpl. Eric T. Petry, who recently ran a perfect 300 CFT. Petry is an aviation precision measurement equipment technician with Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 14.

Even though the test has only been run for score since 2009, it already impacts composite scores and promotions, directly reflecting every Marine’s career.

According to the Marine Corps Training and Education Command, the purpose of the CFT is to test a Marine’s ability in high-powered, short burst events that reflect operational demands.

The CFT begins with an 880-yard movement to contact, followed by an ammunition can lift and finishes with a maneuver under fire. Scores listed are for 17-26 age groups.

1st. Event - 880 yard movement to contact

The goal of this event is for Marines to complete the measured course as quickly as possible with maximum effort.

Being familiar with the course will help Marines keep a good pace explained Sgt. Layne B. Ashby, a training noncommissioned officer with Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron.

Ashby added that a little competitiveness never hurts, and said he encourages his Marines to race each other to keep their motivation down the stretch.

“Endurance and running preparation pay dividends as well,” Petry added.

Perfect Score for a male – 2 min. 45 sec.        Perfect score for a female – 3 min. 23 sec.

2nd. Event - Ammo can lift

The goal of this event is to lift a 30-pound ammo can as many times as possible.

Repetitions are only counted if the can is below chin-level at the lowest point, and elbows are locked at the highest point.

The ammo can lift is comparable to the sit-ups in the physical fitness test in the sense that it is has a two-minute time limit, explained Sgt. Matthew J. Skala, training NCO with H&HS.

Skala added, “You have time to pace yourself, but everybody should shoot for 100 to be safe.”

Perfect score for a male – 91 lifts           Perfect score for a female – 61 lifts

3rd. Event - Maneuver under fire

The maneuver under fire is a 300-yard timed course that tests Marines on a variety of combat-related skills, including crawls, simulated casualty drags and carries, ammunition resupply, grenade throw and agility running.

“Maintain proper technique throughout,” advised Skala. “Marines can end up getting winded, and they end up wasting more energy than they need to.”

Petry advised to not watch your grenade toss, saying, “The small things can make you or break you,” and when running with the ammo cans, “It’s all about keeping control of the ammo cans. Don’t let them control you.”

Perfect score for a male – 2 min. 14 sec. Perfect score for a female – 3 min. 1 sec.

The deadline for all CFTs to be conducted and scored is December 31.


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