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Last year, the Combined Federal Campaign raised $254,840 for various charitable organizations. “The goal is always 100 percent contact,” said Bobbie J. Whitbeck, member of the local federal coordination committee. “Everyone should have the opportunity to donate.”

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2010 Cherry Point Combined Federal Campaign to commence Sept. 16

9 Sep 2010 | Joint Public Affairs Office

The 2010 Combined Federal Campaign is set to commence Sept. 16 in the parking lot of the Marine Corps Exchange. Activities will include a blood drive, free hot dogs and gift bags.

At the kickoff some charities with the CFC will be present to talk about their organizations. A pledge table will also be set up for donations.

The purpose of the Combined Federal Campaign, scheduled annually each autumn, is to provide needed financial support to local, national and international charities.

Officials say it doesn’t take much to help out. For example, a staff sergeant with a basic pay of $2,400 monthly could donate just one hour’s pay per month ($15) for a total of $180 annually. However, monthly payments are not the only way to donate.

“The economy is still not wonderful for a lot of people,” said Bobbie J. Whitbeck, member of the local federal coordination committee. “If you know your financial situation is stable, why not help someone in need?”

Contributions through a one-time donation are welcome as well as unit fund raisers for the campaign.

“I think it is very important for us to make contributions,” said Whitbeck. “We are very lucky here, and it’s important to help other people less fortunate than us across the country. The CFC has many charities, so everyone should be able to find something they relate to.”

For the 2009 campaign year, the Cherry Point CFC drive raised a total of $254,840, despite a struggling economy. Cherry Point has raised more than $200,000 for the last few years in a row.

“The goal is always 100 percent contact,” Whitback said. “Everyone should have the opportunity to make a donation.”

Whitback said that she hopes to meet or exceed last year’s impressive total.

“We have roughly 2,500 charities listed. Everyone can look at the list and find an organization that would benefit someone they know,” Whitbeck said.

Major funding that supports scouting programs like the American Red Cross and wounded veteran charities comes from CFC contributions.

The blood drive will support the Armed Services Blood Program. This is the military’s own blood program, which collects blood from military communities for deployed service members.

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