Workhorses donate time

10 May 2010 | Lance Cpl. Cory D. Polom

The sounds of laughter and smell of cotton candy could be found at one local Havelock elementary school, April 30.  

Twenty-seven Marines with Marine Wing Support Squadron 271 volunteered to run games and serve food at the “Awesomeville Fair” at Arthur W. Edwards elementary school.     

“MWSS-271 has participated in the adopt-a-school program for about five years,” said Staff Sgt. Douglas A. Sholl, the adopt-a-school coordinator for MWSS-271.       

“This is the second event I have been the coordinator for and, like the first, my Marines volunteered and had fun doing it.”       

MWSS-271, known as the workhorses of the Marine air wing, demonstrated it’s hard work ethic during the four-hour event.

“I volunteered for this event because it’s a way to give back and help the kids,” said Pfc. Eric R. Laue, an embarkation Marine with MWSS-271.

Sholl says he feels that donating their time to the community is a great way to show what the Marine Corps is all about.

“Volunteering at the local schools gives us a way to get our footprint in society to build a rapport,” said Sholl. “I think they choose to volunteer at an elementary school because at that age the kids are very impressionable. That gives our junior Marines a chance to be good role models and shows the kids that we are not just here to defend our nation but to help our community as a whole.”

The fair had many things for the children to do, such as jump in bounce houses and play various games and win prizes.

The workhorses helped collect tickets and some Marines even served as human targets for the sponge throw game.

“The sponges hold a lot of water and it’s cold,” said Cpl. Jose M. Diaz, a motor transportation operator with MWSS-271. “It’s worth getting completely soaked. Doing this gives these kids a way to have fun and just seeing their smiling faces, well that makes the cold all worth while.”

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