New Electric Vehicle Charging Station on MCAS Cherry Point

11 Feb 2022 | Lance Cpl. Lauralle Walker Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

As technology advances, there are improvements the Marine Corps has to undertake to stay up-to-date. One such addition is the placement of solar-powered charging stations for electric cars, EV ARC 2020, which Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Cherry Point received on Feb. 9, 2022. This EV ARC 2020 was the eighth charging station that’s been placed on a Marine Corps Installations East locations.

The EV ARC 2020 is a fully off-grid, solar-powered device that fits into a regular sized parking space. The metal plate is safe to park on and can charge two vehicles at once. The solar panels on the top can charge the station throughout the day and night, during inclement weather, and even during power outages.

Currently the only vehicles at MCAS Cherry Point authorized to utilizing the EV ARC 2020 are government vehicles that are capable of charging an electric motor.

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point