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Photo by Lance Cpl. Aliannah Bartok

Meet the Marine: Cpl. Sean P. Davies

29 Dec 2019 | Lance Cpl. Aliannah Bartok Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

Name: Cpl. Sean P. Davies
Age: 22
Hometown: Calexico, California
Military Occupational Specialty: 0931, Combat Marksmanship Trainer

While some may say that the United States Marine Corps is all about the haircut and discipline, according to Cpl. Sean P. Davies, it is about professionalism and being 100% morally and technically proficient. 

On July 21, 2015, Davies carried on his family’s tradition of joining the armed forces and becoming one of the few and the proud, a United States Marine.
“I think the main reason for me, personally, was to prove to myself that I could do something bigger than what I was originally doing,” said Davies, 22, from Calexico California.

Davies said that the tradition started after his grandfather lied about his age to join the fight in World War II at the ripe age of 16. The Marine Corps has run in his blood line ever since and even his step siblings have joined to carry on the tradition. Davies’ sister joined the Corps during the conflict in Iraq and returned home after her first deployment. 

“That was a big moment in my life,” Davies said about his sister returning home. “I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.” 

Since joining, the Marine Corps has taught Davies some of his favorite leadership qualities, like attention to detail and leading Marines in an efficient and professional manner. He says that one of his recommendations for being a great leader is to actually take the time to listen to what your Marines have to say. To not only hear them, but understand what they may be going through and the concerns they have to help them grow as a Marine and leader. 

“For the Marines that are out there right now,” Davies said, “No matter what your situation is whether it is really good or really bad, whether you‘re deployed or in garrison, make the best of the situation that you are in.”

Davies grew up around firearms and shot his first firearm at the age of 12 as his father was a Marine and later became a police officer. Davies was recently asked to become a marksmanship coach for his unit, but ended up excelling and pursing the military occupational specialty further. Originally a rifle and pistol coach at the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point shooting range, he recently completed follow-on training to become a combat marksmanship trainer. Davies now operates the Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainer, and teaches marksmanship coaches the most efficient ways to instruct shooters on the range. 

“The Marine Corps is definitely not for everyone,” said Davies. “If you do decide to go through with the decision, it’s going to pay off in the end, regardless of what your situation is now.”

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