On the Job

4 Jun 2019 | Cpl. Andrew King Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

There are a plethora of different military occupational specialties (MOS) in the Marine Corps; different jobs and skill sets that keep the Marine Corps mission ready. Today we dive into the combat photographer MOS and take you “On the Job.”
You’ve seen the end result, but have you ever wondered how much work actually goes in to taking photographs for the Marine Corps? Well wonder no more. In this behind the scenes video you will see some of the hard work combat photographers do to tell the Marine Corps story.
The combat photographer MOS falls under the Communication Strategy and Operations (COMMSTRAT) occupational field along with the combat mass communicator, combat videographer and combat graphic specialist MOS’s.
The mission of COMMSTRAT is to advise commanders and staffs on communication strategy matters; develop and integrate communication plans; communicate with internal, domestic, and international audiences; and produce written and visual information products in order to build understanding, credibility, and trust with audiences critical to mission success.
(U.S. Marine Corps video by Cpl. Andrew King)

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Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point