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2nd MAW hosts aviation seminar

2 Feb 2015 | Cpl. N. W. Huertas Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point

Marines and Sailors from across 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing learned the fundamentals of aviation excellence at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., Jan. 26.During a first-of-a-kind seminar, Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron 1 instructors led classes covering aviation fundamentals to help Marines from across 2nd MAW refine their understanding of Marine aviation. Instructors from MAWTS-1, which is located at MCAS Yuma, Ariz., covered a variety of aviation and flying related subjects to give 2nd MAW pilots a better understanding of their role in the Marine Air-Ground Task Force.  “They recapped on subjects like radar, anti-aircraft fire power, ground-air communication and maneuvering,” said Maj. Jeremy Winters, a weapons and tactics instructor with Marine Air Control Group 28. “It all correlates to having the highest trained aviators to complete the Marine Corps’ mission.” During the seminar, the MAWTS-1 instructors covered the fine points of aviation skills to include how to properly navigate through different landscapes and climates. “This class is a rare opportunity for these naval aviators to learn the fundamentals of controlling aircraft,” said Winters, a native of Philadelphia.Aviators from across 2nd MAW attend WTI to refine their combat support capabilities on a regular basis. The Marine instructors assigned to MAWTS-1 are considered some of the most skilled combat pilots in the world and the seminar gave 2nd MAW a preview of the tactics taught at WTI, according to Maj. Daniel Dowd, a CH-53E Super Stallion Pilot with Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 366.“The best part of the class is actually getting time to learn techniques and gather as much information as we can from the instructors,” said Dowd, a native of Vienna, Va.According to Dowd, the MAWTS-1 seminar served as a refresher for many of the pilots and an advantage before WTI.  “Classes like this place us one step further into benefiting our fellow troops on the ground,” said Dowd.
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