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Rules to know for Cherry Point firearm, weapon enthusiasts

5 Sep 2014 | Lance Cpl. Unique B. Roberts

Marine Corps Station Cherry Point offers a variety of recreational activities for firearms and weapon enthusiasts year-round. From hunting during deer season to skeet and trap shooting throughout the year, the air station offers residents a chance to enjoy the great outdoors.

If you are planning to transport weapons aboard the air station, or if you live in station housing or the barracks, there are several rules to keep in mind, especially as hunting season approaches.

All firearms and weapons transported onto the air station must be registered with the Provost Marshal’s Office before being carried aboard Cherry Point. While it is legal to transport and possess some firearms and weapons at most Marine Corps installations, Marine Administrative Message 176/14 requires commanders to enforce the registration policies and all local and federal firearms laws.

In order to register a firearm or weapon, owners must possess a valid military identification card and proof of purchase. In addition, the individual must complete a weapon registration card for each weapon being registered at the air station’s Pass and Identification Office.

When transporting a firearm or weapon in a privately owned vehicle, owners must ensure it is unloaded and carried in a fully enclosed container that can be locked. If stopped by a law enforcement official while transporting a firearm or weapon, owners must notify the officer.

For service members E-1 through E-5 residing in a barracks, no firearms, weapons or ammunition may be stored in their room. This includes rifles, pistols, bows and arrows, air-soft or pellet guns, and knives with blades longer than three inches. Enlisted barracks residents E-1 through E-5 owning firearms may store their firearms in their unit’s armory. A complete list of firearms and weapons and the station’s regulations can be found in Air Station Order 5510.15D.

Staff noncommissioned officers and officers permanently residing in bachelor enlisted or officer quarters may possess and store personally owned weapons within their quarters, with several stipulations. Firearms or weapons must be secured in a fully enclosed container that can be locked with a key or combination lock. All firearms must be fitted with a trigger lock. Ammunition for personal use may be stored; however, it must be kept in a separate fully enclosed container that is capable of being locked with a key or combination lock.

All persons, military and civilian, residing in station housing must register all privately owned firearms and weapons with PMO before storing the weapons at home. Only firearms and weapons personally owned by residents and registered with PMO may be kept in housing. All firearms will be kept unloaded and secured inside a fully encased container that is capable of completely enclosing the firearm and being locked with a key or combination lock. All firearms must be fitted with a trigger lock.

Black and smokeless powder intended for personal use in quantities not to exceed five pounds may be stored in original containers in residences in a wooden box or cabinet having walls at least one inch thick. Up to but not exceeding 2,000 rounds each of center fire and rimfire may be stored in station housing in a secured container.

For a complete list of firearms and weapons rules and regulations at Cherry Point, please contact PMO or visit

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