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Marines lift weights during a High Intensity Tactical Training class Jan. 15 at the Marine Dome aboard Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point. Semper Fit began renovations at the HITT center in mid-January, temporarily relocating HITT classes to the Marine Dome until early May.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Victor A. Arriaga

HITT center undergoes renovations, classes relocated to Marine Dome

23 Jan 2014 | Lance Cpl. Victor A. Arriaga

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point’s Semper Fit began renovations on the High Intensity Tactical Training Center Jan. 15 with a scheduled reopening in May.

The new HITT Center will feature two large rooms packed with rubber flooring, acoustic tiles and a booming sound system, said Vicky Lee, the Semper Fit fitness program coordinator.

“We were operating out of four racquetball courts which really limited us to how many people we could train,” she said. “With these improvements, the center will be wider and have a lot more open space allowing us to have more people at once.”

HITT will continue as normal during all renovations, said Lee.

“Getting these renovations done is a good sign that Semper Fit is trying to grow the HITT program and get a better facility for the Marines and sailors,” said Ken Rose, a HITT instructor for Semper Fit. “In the meantime, we will have classes at the Marine Dome where we already noticed we have larger participation just because of the bigger space.”

Lance Cpl. Phillip White, an embark clerk with Marine Air Control Squadron 2, regularly attends HITT classes and is excited for the new changes, he said.

“These renovations mean more sections, which means more people and better workouts,” said White. “This is just better for everyone.”

HITT classes offer a broad range of exercises tailored to build muscle, speed and agility. The classes consist of separate workouts using equipment such as kettle bells, medicine balls, wave ropes and total body resistance exercise, or TRX, suspensions straps.

“If you come to HITT classes, you’re going to get a good workout,” said White.

With the renovations, Lee is excited for the future of the program, she said.

“The advancement of our HITT program is important,” said Lee. “I think with the new renovations we will be able to move forward a little more and continue to grow.”

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