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VMR-1 throws gauntlet for CFC tug of war trophy

6 Sep 2013 | Pfc. Cayce Nevers

The gauntlet has been thrown for this year’s Cherry Point Area Combined Federal Campaign … and it will be settled by nothing less than war.  That is if organizations here can muster up a tough-enough team to drag the prize from last year’s champions in a contest of tug of war.

The tug of war tournament, officially known as the CFC Cup, will kick off the 2013 Cherry Point Area Combined Federal Campaign at the Roadhouse at 1 p.m., Sept. 20.  The prize trophy, which is currently held by Marine Transport Squadron 1, will go to the strongest, or perhaps the savviest, 10-person team on the air station.  Ten people – including at least one male and one female – will face their opponents over a seriously heavy rope, a short piece of real estate and a test of wills. 

“While most are dreaming of success, VMR-1 wakes up and continues to achieve it,” said Sgt. Maj. Larry J. Harrington. “Keep dreaming while we continue achieving, as we will for this year’s repeat. Joe Namath said, ‘If you’re not gonna go all the way, why go at all?’ VMR-1 will go all the way, again, continuing to take it all. We recommend you stay at home.”

Once the dust settles and a winner is named, the real challenge will begin for military and civilian personnel to ask themselves if there is a CFC charity they would like to support.

The annual CFC fund drive gives federal employees, including military members, an easy opportunity to make donations to eligible non-profit organizations.  The drive includes more than 2,500 charities ranging from charities that seek to cure a host of different medical conditions to those that benefit wounded warriors.

“This campaign is the only authorized solicitation, other than the annual Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society fund drive, that helps raise money for charity,” said Bobbie Whitbeck, a CFC coordinator and human resource specialist with the air station’s Civilian Manpower Office.

Over the next three months, personnel aboard the air station will have the opportunity to donate to charities of their choice.  Nobody will twist anybody’s arm, but the goal is to make sure everybody gets a chance to donate if they wish to.

“Each unit has a unit representative that will let the Marines in the squadron know what the CFC is, how it works and what charities they are able to contribute to,” said Whitbeck.  “Each year our goal is to reach out to 100 percent of the personnel on Cherry Point and inform them of what the CFC is.”

But first, says Wayne Snell, a CFC coordinator and human resource specialist with the Civilian Manpower Office, there is the CFC Cup.  “We are holding this event to raise awareness that the CFC is upon us,” he said.  “Teams will be 10-person teams that must have at least one male and one female team member.”  Snell adds that volunteers will be on hand during the tournament to explain the CFC fund drive and to collect donations from anyone who wants to give immediately to the drive. 

If you think you have a team that can challenge VMR-1, the current CFC Cup holder, pre-register by sending your team name to If you have questions, contact Bobbie Whitbeck at 466-4237 or Wayne Snell at 466-3685.

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