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Ace of Spades welcomes new commanding officer

27 Jun 2013 | Pfc. Unique B. Roberts

Lt. Col. Michael P. Quinto assumed command of Marine Attack Squadron 231 from Lt. Col. Shawn R. Hermley during a ceremony aboard Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point June 21.

Hermley will join Marine Aircraft Group 14 as its Executive Officer. 

Hermley described his feelings of leaving the squadron as bittersweet. 

“I’ve been a part of this squadron since 2008. I’ve served as the executive officer for a couple of years,” said Hermley.

Although Hermley has been a part of VMA-231 for some time, he mentioned that just like other times in his career leaving this command is going to be tough.

Being in charge of Marines will always put you in a position of experiencing that “Tough to leave” feeling, said Hermley.   

“It’s great to see that the squadron is going to have a great commanding officer so it is very sweet in the aspect to continue on to lead the Ace of Spades,” said Hermley.

Upon leaving, Hermley reflected on the squadron’s ability to efficiently and diligently perform tasks that were expected of them.

“The goal is to perform well in combat and be prepared to perform well in combat and we did that, so I walk away feeling very satisfied that we met those goals,” said Hermley.

Before Quinto assumed the role of commanding officer, he served as the executive officer of VMA 231. 

 “My goals are to continue the great work that the current commanding officer has accomplished,” said Quinto. “To continue to train the squadron to be prepared to fight in the nation’s battles as they’ve done since 1919.”


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