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Photo taken by Caleb Gore, West Carteret High School Job Shadow.

Photo by Caleb Gore

Fly By: Cpl. Christopher L. Melancon

28 Feb 2013 | Jonathan King, Havelock High School Job Shadow

AV-8B Harrier powerline mechanics work on the heart of the attack jet, its powerful Rolls-Royce Pegasis engine.  At Marine Attack Squadron 231 here, it is Cpl. Christopher L. Melancon’s job to lead those Marines in that important mission.

As a work center supervisor, Melancon supervises powerline mechanics with the squadron as they provide maintenance on the Harrier’s single engine.

Melancon understands how vital his team’s work is to the success of the squadron’s mission and that he and his crew are responsible for safety of the aircraft and its pilot.

Memorizing different aspects of the engine, constantly maintaining the engine, and staying up to date on required annual training are a few challenges Melancon faces daily.

“It is easier to accomplish these goals here as opposed to being in a deployed environment,” said Melancon. “When deployed, our tempo increases drastically.”

Despite the sometimes stressful and high-tempo facets of the job, Melancon said he couldn’t have asked for a better military occupational specialty.

“I Like working with the Marines and on the Harrier,” he said. “I love airplanes. This is the job I wanted when I joined the Marine Corps, and I am happy with my career choice.”

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