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Cherry Point CO explains base role in warfighting readiness

4 Feb 2013 | Lance Cpl. S. T. Stewart

As the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing readies to conduct aviation operations anywhere in the world, the largest Marine Corps air station on the East Coast, MCAS Cherry Point, N.C., plays an important role in preparing the wing’s warfighters for the unknown.

It’s an enormous mission – providing a 24/7 airfield, aerial ranges and infrastructure improvements, and focusing on the commandant of the Marine Corps priorities for the future of installations in the Marine Corps.

“And there is a lot that goes into that,” said Col. Philip J. Zimmerman, Cherry Point commanding officer. Providing a training platform for the fleet, community services, maintaining the air station and working with the community, to name a few, play a huge role in accomplishing this mission.

“The key to success, it’s always the people,” said Zimmerman. “ Active participation by all in our success.  Foster a climate that encourages our entire workforce to be a part of our success, to seek self-improvement, to be innovative, to challenge our assumptions and improve our business practices.”

Zimmerman referenced “operational art” and the three factors to achieve an objective – space, time and force.

“Our space is Cherry Point, Bogue and Atlantic, that’s not going to change,” said Zimmerman. “Time – well my time is no different from anybody else’s. So, the area I can really concentrate on is the force – its training, safety and education.” 

He said the more trained the Marines are and the more educated they are, the more they will be prepared for their mission and future challenges. 

In support of 2nd MAW, Zimmerman dedicates his time to ensuring the Marines at Cherry Point have everything they need to maintain a high state of readiness while they prepare to conduct operations overseas.

“Just like Maj. Gen. (Glenn M.) Walters, (2nd MAW commanding general) said, it is a pleasure working with Marines and our civilian Marines and doing something worthy here,” said Zimmerman.

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point