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New CFC deadline: Dec 14

30 Nov 2012 | Cpl. Scott L. Tomaszycki

The Combined Federal Campaign extended its final donations deadline from Nov. 29 to Dec. 14 to ensure everyone on Cherry Point is afforded an opportunity to donate.

The CFC is a charity drive aimed at federal employees that enables them to pick from thousands of charitable organizations and donate to as many of them as they wish through a single charity campaign.

Pamela Hacker, chairwoman of the Combined Federal Campaign for the Cherry Point area, said part of the reason for the extension was due to units returning from training exercises and deployments. Many Marines have been gone to Yuma, Ariz., or on Marine expeditionary units around the world during the campaign season and would not have an opportunity to donate without the extension.

So far, the campaign has not raised as much money as last year. The additional time may allow participants to attempt to close the gap.

“Donations are extremely low this year,” said Hacker. “We’re at about 55 to 60 percent of the donations received in 2011.”

This year’s campaign began Sept. 13. As of Nov. 26, the Cherry Point CFC has raised $113,000. During the 2011 campaign, Cherry Point raised about $205,000.

“We don’t focus on the dollar figure, we focus on the contact,” said Hacker. “It’s the time to give, and we want to make sure everyone has that opportunity.”

Hacker said the donations found in CFC booklets help people across the world who are in need. She said Hurricane Sandy in New York was an excellent example of CFC donations going to work. The Red Cross provides disaster relief, and other charity organizations will help rebuild the region and help residents rebuild their lives.

The campaign also features charities aimed at helping military personnel, like the Wounded Warrior Project, the Marine Association Foundation, and the Armed Forces Aid Campaign.

To make a donation, contact your unit CFC representative.
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