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Fly By: Sgt. Jason A. Rothgeb

30 Oct 2012 | Lance Cpl. Stephen T. Stewart

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION CHERRY POINT, N.C. – Sgt. Jason Rothgeb dedicates his life to teaching Marines about how to protect themselves in a chemically unsafe environment and in unarmed combat.

Rothgeb is a chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense specialist with Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron 2 at Cherry Point. His job requires him to conduct annual training for Marines to bolster their confidence in their M50 field protective gas masks and mission-oriented protective posture suits.

"Showing these Marines this gear is of the utmost importance to me," said Rothgeb. "If they are ever exposed to an environment that is chemically unsafe, they will know what to do to protect themselves."


The CBRN Marines run the gas chamber two to three times a week, conducting what is dubbed an individual protection equipment confidence exercise. Every year Marines are required to participate in the exercise where they are exposed to tear gas while wearing their protective gear to bolster their confidence in the equipment.

Rothgeb’s love for teaching inspired him to complete many hours of intense training to become a Marine Corps Martial Arts Program black belt instructor, so he can teach Marines how to protect themselves in close combat.

"Being able to train Marines in martial arts is fun and rewarding," said Rothgeb. "I love seeing the Marines' faces when they I test them and they finally reach that next belt after all the hard work they put forward."

Rothgeb said he loves teaching Marines and showing them how to protect themselves, and he plans to continue his efforts teaching Marines how to defend against both chemical hazards and enemies in close combat.

Rothgeb said, "It feels great knowing that what I teach could someday save Marines' lives."
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