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Cpl. Jacob Grady, the intelligence chief with Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 366 works at his desk during a typical work day Jan 10.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Glen E. Santy

Highlighting Cherry Point's warriors: Cpl. Jacob Grady

19 Jan 2012 | Lance Cpl. Glen E. Santy

Before pilots and aircrew go out on any mission, there’s information they need to know.

Cpl. Jacob Grady, the intelligence chief with HMH-366, is one of the Marines that keeps them informed and as ready as possible.

“My job here isn’t nearly as glamorous as it is during a deployment,” said Grady. “Here the job is more focused on the security side and making sure all personnel are ready to deploy.”

Grady explained the differences between working in garrison and operating in the field.

“Out there we don’t get to sit in a nice office and work eight-hour days,” said Grady. “(In the field) we’re a lot more involved with the pilots and planning missions. We’ll work 12 or more hours a day to prepare for a brief.”

Grady said the best part of his job is deciphering the problems of the squadron and the close rapport he builds with the pilots.

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