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Cub Scouts wrestle over a Windsock, the newspaper for Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, Dec. 1. Lance Cpl. Scott L. Tomaszycki, a combat correspondent for the station's public affairs office, taught the scouts about his job with the newspaper.

Photo by Cpl. Tyler J. Bolken

Opportunity to share knowledge with children

8 Dec 2011 | Lance Cpl. Scott L. Tomaszycki

Several Cub and Boy Scouts meet at Cherry Point weekly and are given a chance to meet with volunteers and Marines that teach the scouts classes about their jobs aboard the air station.

The classes help the scouts earn merit badges and belt loops, and Lance Cpl. Scott L. Tomaszycki, a combat correspondent with Cherry Point Public Affairs Office volunteered to share his experiences Nov. 29 to help the scouts earn their Tiger Badge.

He started by showing the kids a copy of the station newspaper, The Windsock. Tomaszycki said it was exciting and rewarding to watch their reactions to what he was teaching.

“Hopefully they will gain knowledge from the class as well as learn a more practical side of things from someone who has personal experience in that subject,” said Lonnie J. LeBlanc, den leader for Pack 460. “Their experiences help them learn the information more than just someone reading from a manual.”

The goal of the classes isn’t just to help the scouts earn a badge but to help them prepare for life.

LeBlanc, a gunnery sergeant and the airframes division chief for Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 14, said he feels today’s youth isn’t as active these days as they could be.

“We all have vast amounts of knowledge that can ensure they are up to the challenges that lie ahead,” he said.

Cub Scout Jake Jacobs said he felt he took something useful from the class.

“Newspapers probably are really important,” said Jacobs, who is nine years old. “Reading is important, I’m pretty sure you could learn something.”

LeBlanc said the scouts are always seeking more volunteers to help guide their young scouts. To find out what classes you may be able to teach, visit these websites.

Cub Scout Belt Loops and Pins website:

Weblos Activity Badges:

Boy Scout Merit Badges:

For more information, call Ben Brown at 466-4058.

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